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The open, enterprise-grade low-code platform for the digital-first world

Build, test, and deploy exceptional digital experiences in record time with the industry's most open low-code application development platform.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Build responsive web apps fast

Develop modern, responsive, enterprise-grade web apps rapidly with the WaveMaker low-code web app development platform. Choose from a wide range of widgets, create stunning UIs, integrate with existing systems, and jumpstart web app development.    Low-Code Application Development Platform

Low-Code Application Development Platform

Develop truly native mobile apps 

Create cross-platform native mobile apps from a single codebase. Deliver slick and smooth mobile interfaces with faster loading times and enhanced user experience.
Low-Code Application Development Platform
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Purpose-built for modern dev teams

WaveMaker is designed from the ground up to empower developers with everything they need to build, test, and deploy exceptional digital experiences.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Open, always-updated tech stack

Minimize technical debt. Keep your apps fresh and safe from potential threats with an always updated and open standards-based tech stack.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Freedom of custom coding

With a code-behind approach that generates real editable code, empower developers with custom coding to handle complex and edge cases.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Enhanced collaboration

Use ingrained VCS control, branch support for hotfixes, and a built-in collaborative environment to publish and review artifacts with your team.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Component-driven development

Build visually with custom, out-of-the-box components that can be assembled via simple drag-and-drop to create new experiences.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Developer productivity suite

Leverage built-in capabilities: Intellisense editor, API mocks, 1-click preview, automated mobile testing, inspection framework and debugging.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

1-click deployment

Deploy Maven compliant applications with just a click to a cloud provider of choice without the setup hassles of CI/CD.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Deliver delightful experiences at every touchpoint

Low-Code Application Development Platform
Low-Code Application Development Platform

UI Storyboarding

Empower developers with a bird’s eye view of the entire user journey to interconnect individual pages and apply conditional logic.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Design System

Ensure consistency with styles, fonts, and colors to create brand-specific themes. Provide a wide range of layout controls and page layouts to quickly create stunning screens with the low-code application development platform.
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Experience APIs

Orchestrate APIs from multiple providers to create a unified seamless user experience using our API-composability tool kit. Create differentiated experiences over APIs for web and mobile with specially curated experience APIs.

Architected to deliver performance at speed and scale

With a flexible and reliable microservices-based foundation, the WaveMaker low-code platform offers a host of modern front-end, backend, mobile, and DevOps technologies to deliver enterprise-grade cloud-native applications that deliver robust performance at scale.

Cloud-native architecture

Built on a lightweight, resource-optimized environment for rapid development, the WaveMaker low-code app development platform supports massive application scaling, enables high availability and fault tolerance, and provides for portability and assured security.

Deep integrations

WaveMaker platform blends easily with internal ecosystems and third-party services. Whether it's access to REST APIs, importing APIs in bulk, or consuming ‘experience APIs’ through API orchestration, the platform gives standardized access to org data and services.

High performance

Leverage built-in app sizing, monitoring, optimization, and compression algorithms, user-centric error messaging and responsive app feedback to avail better performance and loading times. Ensure fast, reliable & secure delivery of internet content through CDN integration with WaveMaker.


Scale your applications as your business grows. Built on open standards, microservices, and stateless protocols, WaveMaker architecture allows massive scaling for its applications that adhere to the guidelines of twelve-factor applications.

Rest easy with enterprise-grade security baked in

Every app built on the WaveMaker low-code platform is secure and compliant out of the box.

Low-Code Application Development Platform
  • VeracodeTM certified app-generated code
  • Protect your applications against OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Integrate with a wide array of security providers for authentication and authorization from LDAP, AD and SSL encryption to SAML
  • Always-updated tech stack ensures that your application is always protected from potential vulnerabilities
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Thoughts and Insights

Low-Code Application Development Platform

Composable architecture with WaveMaker

Composable architecture brings several benefits to the composable enterprise concept, specifically the agility and innovation to respond to changing business needs.Find out how a composable approach to software development can help you and your team build faster
Low-Code Application Development Platform
Low-Code Application Development Platform

Low-code as a strategic tool for enterprise applications

Enterprises are looking at new ways to augment innovation and digital transformation. A low-code platform is a strategic tool in the IT tool chest that allows enterprises to innovate faster and efficiently. In this whitepaper, we look at the top reasons why.
Low-Code Application Development Platform
Low-Code Application Development Platform

What is low-code development?

Low-code is a modern approach to agile software development. A low-code development platform helps developers create products visually by abstracting and automating commonly used components.Know more about the applications and use cases of low-code across verticals and domains here
Low-Code Application Development Platform