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Compose cross-platform native mobile apps fast with low-code

Build delightful cross-platform native mobile apps rapidly from a single codebase with WaveMaker React Native Studio.

cross-platform mobile app development
cross-platform mobile app development


Open standards-based best-of-breed application frameworks allow developers to easily learn and adopt the platform.
cross-platform mobile app development

No Vendor Lock-in

Assets built on WaveMaker can be extended, customized, and distributed with no restrictions and no hidden costs.
cross-platform mobile app development

Dev-seat Licensing

Create unlimited apps for an unlimited number of users with a transparent dev-seat licensing model.

Challenges in mobile app development

Enterprises today need to deliver exceptional mobile experiences while keeping pace with changing customer expectations. However, building device-agnostic, consumer-grade mobile apps can be an arduous and complex process. With mobile developer skills being largely device-specific, the real challenge is to develop cross-platform apps that can leverage the functionalities of the native environment while still providing a consistent user experience across the spectrum.

WaveMaker React Native Studio

Where cross-platform mobile app development meets low-code

With time and talent in shortage, enterprises are turning to cross-platform mobile app development technologies like React Native that can cater to multiple devices and operating systems while harnessing the talent of existing teams. React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework, designed for building apps on multiple platforms like iOS, and Android using a single codebase. By combining the advantages of React Native with the power of a composable low-code platform, WaveMaker offers a simple and elegant way to create truly native apps for all devices with ease.

cross-platform mobile app development

Get the React Native advantage

Compose rich mobile experiences across platforms with speed. Leverage the best cross-platform mobile app development framework to develop truly native apps with no compromise on user experience.


With React Native, developers create native apps for both iOS and Android with a single codebase. Leverage native APIs to bring out the best in any device.

Native UX

Deliver jank-free apps, and enable smooth animations and natural interaction patterns. Keep up with refresh rates and avoid any kind of stuttering on screens.

Better Performance

Apps built on React Native are fast by default, have faster startup times, and can talk to all device features like the camera, microphone or push notifications.

Open Source

React Native is open source with continuous contributions from an active developer community, including a host of React Native plugins developed by third-party developers.

WaveMaker React Native Studio - The low-code advantage

cross-platform mobile app development

Device-specific components

WaveMaker React Native Studio lets you create platform-specific components to use across teams, and platforms and create consistent experiences across devices.
cross-platform mobile app development

No lock-in

Own your assets on the studio without any restrictions. Generated UI code can be exported and maintained out outside the WaveMaker environment .
cross-platform mobile app development

Easy distribution

AppChef builds APK and IPA installers using a ReactNative zip that can be easily exported from the WaveMaker Studio. Use the installers to test or upload to Play Store and App Store for distribution.
cross-platform mobile app development

Robust security

Stay immune to XSS attacks and create native apps that are free from security vulnerabilities. Enable LDAP, AD, and custom security for your apps.
cross-platform mobile app development

No installation

From coding the app to building an installer (APK or IPA), everything can be done using a web browser. With WaveMaker, you do not need to install anything else.
cross-platform mobile app development


With WaveMaker React Native Studio, develop better-performing mobile apps at a cost comparable to mobile app development on Cordova.

The native mobile app development platform of choice

Minimal learning curve

Developers need little to no reskilling since WaveMaker handles all React Native code generation. Existing WaveMaker developers will find little difference in the app development workflow.

Small teams, big results

Smaller teams of developers create a single set of prefabs that are deployed on both web and mobile. No separation of skill sets, No requirement for isolated groups of web and mobile developers.

Effortless customization

Mobile app developers can tailor themes, branding, and UI behaviors, and extend the design system with custom and third-party components.


Explore experience components that bring backend logic and UI together.

cross-platform mobile app development


Build modern enterprise-grade web apps on our Web Studio rapidly.

cross-platform mobile app development

Thoughts and Insights

cross-platform mobile app development

Composable enterprises will be built on low-code

The principles of low-code based on visual development, integrations, and design patterns align perfectly well with the theory of composability. Enterprises can use low-code as a strategic platform to build applications fast while reducing complexities in the process. Read Now.
cross-platform mobile app development

Low-code as a strategic tool for enterprise applications

Enterprises are looking at new ways to augment innovation and digital transformation. A low-code platform is a strategic tool in the IT tool chest that allows enterprises to innovate faster and efficiently. In this whitepaper, we look at the top reasons why.
cross-platform mobile app development

What is low-code development?

Low-code is a modern approach to agile software development. A low-code development platform helps developers create products visually by abstracting and automating commonly used components.Know more about the applications and use cases of low-code across verticals and domains here