Build & scale digital apps with
Faster & leaner development teams

There is constant pressure to develop new applications fast. By equipping teams with the right technologies you can optimize operational efficiency and deliver apps faster. Abstract the complexity across the application development life cycle to gain business agility using rapid application development.

What does it take
to build digital applications

From UI to deployment, consider all aspects of end-to-end application development

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How WaveMaker accelerates
app development

Build enterprise-grade applications in days, not months

UI templates

Built-in with studio
with tools to create
your own library

API creation

From existing
services, Automate
API documentation

Auto generate
DB schema

Capture dependencies
and even use existing
stored procedures

Available Out-of-the-Box


Capture repetitive
business logic and


Use any third-party REST
API without writing
additional code


Auto generation of
Cloud Native
images and services

Realize the potential of leaner and
agile teams with WaveMaker

What takes a traditional team to accomplish can be done faster and better with a leaner and agile team.



  • Out-of-the-box Rich Forms
  • Trigger Business Logic Workflow using APIs and Database Logic
  • Built-In Pre and Post Validation rules
mobile applications

API Driven

  • Easily integrate to SaaS and Cloud APIs
  • Create Reusable Prefabs with UI and Services
  • Out-of-the-Box Widgets that map to API response data
  • OAuth Provider integration to all popular SaaS services such as Salesforce,Box, DocuSign etc.


  • Out-of-the-box charts and dashboard templates
  • Easily Integrate to Data Services
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Mashup Data Widgets from multiple data sources and services
mobile support


  • Native Mobile App User Experience
  • Empower users regardless of where they are Easily integrate Device Features into your application
  • Enable Offline Storage for remote working

Enterprise benefits
using WaveMaker

From faster time-to-market, lower costs to smaller agile teams, utilize the power of the RAD platform.

Smaller Agile Teams

Full-stack Apps Without Specialists

  • Smart DB and API integration tools
  • End to end code-gen by platform
  • Focus on business logic

Low Code, Lower Costs

Drag-n-drop Assembly Reduces Bugs

  • Smaller design-to-code gap
  • Reduced CR waiting time and SLA commitments
  • Lower maintenance costs

Faster Time to Market

60% Faster Legacy Transformation

  • Faster application iterations
  • Ready-to-use templates & widgets
  • Hot-wire third-party REST APIs

No Platform Lock-in

Code Ownership and Transparency

  • Unique Code Behind approach gives code access
  • Open Standards commitment keeps code portable
  • Long-term software investment protection

Strongly Secured on the Cloud

Baked-in SSO with Role Privileges

  • Hierarchical, role-based access control at every level OWASP
  • Top 10 compliance for iron-clad web apps
  • Strong password encryption across the platform

Push Updates to Users Faster

CI/CD Automated Containers

  • Integrates your current scripts and delivery process
  • Single-click build & deploy to configured cloud
  • Visual app lifecycle management


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