Build apps easily for multi device transformation – Wavemaker
Feb 21

Build apps easily for multi device transformation – Wavemaker

Mobile app delivery is an essential part of digital transformation for enterprises. Organizations need to build not just one but multiple mobile applications for transformative experiences. Over and above there are other features that are needed like:

  • Role based access to apps,
  • Single sign on based authentication,
  • Visibility of application based on network/VPN,
  • UX and experience,
  • Style for native look and feel, and
  • Iterative publishing process.

Given that, not only skills for mobile apps are scarce, but also typically organizations lack a mature model for delivering multiple apps in a frictionless fashion.

Some of the mobile applications need deep native experiences and must be built as native mobile applications. If you are interested in native mobile app delivery, this is NOT the article for you. If simplifying end to end app delivery is something that interests you, then read on.

Traditional mobile app delivery model is time consuming as it uses manual hand coding. It also becomes complex to publish apps and the user experience is disconnected from development to delivery.

Many apps can easily utilize Hybrid Apps that use HTML5/CSS/Javascript/Cordova technologies and render that on a mobile WebView. This provides an easy way to build the application once and run on multiple devices. This results in saving not just the application development effort, but also QA and management of these apps on multiple devices.

However publishing apps on app stores is still a bottleneck as it may take several days to release a simple application.

Simplifying Multi-Device App Delivery

WaveMaker’s mission is to simplify end to end app delivery. WaveMaker Low Code development platform provides automation for building applications including:

  • Auto generation of backend APIs given the data and queries, stored procedures, custom code.
  • Pre-built drag drop Angular 7 based open source UI components with customizations for mobile native look and feel.
  • Simple integrations with external APIs, enterprise systems like LDAP/AD, SSO/SAML, VCS etc.
  • Out of the box prevention of OWASP vulnerability.

WaveMaker now presents a super simple solution for mobile app delivery with partner product Spotcues. Mobile apps built in WaveMaker can be published with a single click to Spotcues Micro App container (the only mobile app you ever install). So build your apps with no/very minimum code using WaveMaker low code platform and publish to existing app container providing WebView (no publishing of each app separately). This can be done iteratively for release any number of times a day.

In addition to unified delivery using the micro-app container, Spotcues can also provide some more features that can be optionally utilized including:

  • Intelligent search across multiple applications, open apps right from search.
  • Simple task based apps.
  • Push notifications, bubble notifications for micro-app to the mobile app.
  • Contextual access to micro apps based on role, department, location etc.
  • Real time insights on usage patterns and adoption.

To summarize, WaveMaker provides a super fast and easy mobile app delivery mechanism with Spotcues mobile app that provides Micro-App container. This can help enterprises achieve mobile digital transformation much more effectively and with a much faster pace bringing all the benefits of a low code platform. Talk to us to learn more about this.

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