Contextual digital banking experiences, built faster.

Accelerate digital transformation and create unforgettable customer journeys.

With WaveMaker low-code, compose custom applications with existing investments,

at speed and scale. Build reusable banking components (also known as Prefabs),

develop custom business logic, and leverage the low-code platform’s plug ‘n’ play model.

Modern-day banking ecosystems
need low-code

Recent increase in personalization and real-time decision-making needs from end-users has rendered modernization as no longer a technology decision, but a business one.

However, just the intent to modernize is not enough. Fast execution is the need of the hour. This accelerated transformation can be achieved by incorporating a tool like low-code in traditional people-dependent development strategies.

Cloud banking software as a service

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    Fortune 500 US-based bank adopts WaveMaker low-code platform to create iron-clad applications with stringent security tests


    Helping Banks Navigate Digital Transformation

    With Vikram Srivats

    (VP & GM at WaveMaker)

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    The WaveMaker experience

    cloud based digital banking

    Over 44,000 applications have been built on the WaveMaker platform. From modernizing loan origination systems, building customer service portals, to re-platforming core banking solutions, WaveMaker low-code continues to serve financial markets with its enterprise grade capabilities.

    Experience Loan Corp, a loan processing system built on WaveMaker.

    Real customer use cases

    WaveMaker offers multiple functionalities that help companies in every stage of their transformation journey. Read some real stories that illustrate a few ways in which our customers have used the platform to their benefit

    Cloud digital banking platform

    One of the top 10 banks in America built a dispute management system that compiled credit and transaction details of complainants, collected from several systems using our API-enabled open platform

    Cloud banking platform software

    A credit scoring giant modernized its complex core platform in months by building reusable and upgradable prefabs on our platform; thus enabling flexible product capability rollout and customizations

    Cloud banking software as a service

    A large fintech company white-labeled a custom developer studio under its portfolio using our integrable platform, ease of usage, predictable licensing model, and zero lock-in to infrastructure and code

    Why WaveMaker low-code

    At WaveMaker, we have developed a platform fit for legacy systems and contemporary fintech partners to work seamlessly in harmony. Here’s how WaveMaker low-code will make your digital journey easier:

    It is purpose-built for professional developers; but also empowers citizen developers with the freedom of open, extensible, readable, mixable, exportable, and readable real code behind foundation

    Contextual, industry-specific prefabs can be created, modified, imported, and exported on the platform; to substantially reduce repetitive work and enable faster dev cycles

    Banking is a high volume business. The transparent and predictable pricing, independent of deployments, no. of apps, and no. of users is ideal for both end-user and internal apps

    It is built on a microservices approach which enables solution providers to align with the customer journeys envisioned by banks and line up with external partners