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Deliver hyper customizable banking solutions, fast!

Banking platforms offer the speed, flexibility, and customizability needed to create personalized digital banking experiences for customers. With an open, API-first, cloud-native architecture at its heart, WaveMaker has emerged as the preferred low code platform to create innovative banking solutions and products.

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Transform your banking platform

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secure and scalable consumer-grade experiences, while cutting cost and time-to-market

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customers to a self-serve model with quick on-boarding and easy customizations

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legacy products and applications to modern web and mobile, fast

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new ecosystem creation, white label low code studio for app and citizen developers

Recent work

A Fortune 500 financial services company with more than 50,000 employees was looking for a solution to quickly onboard banks in different geographies with complex compliance requirements. Customization was difficult on their existing low code platform. They needed a cloud based digital banking solution that could easily consume their platform APIs and deliver a highly differentiated brand and banking as a service experience.

PoCs showed 80% less coding than hand-crafting

Seamless deployment to AWS in one-click from WM studio

Consumer banking low code application rolled out after a 3-month agile project run

Downstream solutions built using the plug-n-play model for bank customers

A 65-year old, California-based credit scoring and financial data analysis company with global presence, was looking for a platform that could improve the time-to-market for products with end-user customizations which also needed to be in line with geo-based financial regulations. Cost of vendor-driven customizations had to be controlled and product rollouts needed proper management.

Complex Loan origination product re-platformed in a 9-month project run

End-user efforts to customize loan offerings reduced, ensuring better CX

Self-service and lending experience personalized for over 1,500+ banks

Modern-stack built with a multi-tenant, cloud-ready solution

A Netherlands-based social security bank striving for a sustainable system, was looking for a banking solution to transform several of its portals and products from .NET stack and Silverlight, while leveraging the significant existing investment in SQL server membership-based security. In-house expertise was needed because of government regulations with infrastructure limited to on-premise (behind the firewalls).

All 6 core business applications migrated in 18 months

Scalable customer facing apps built with web front-ends

Regulations-compliant security and system integrations achieved

Smooth transition from .Net to Java with minimal intervention & dev training

Build better with WaveMaker low code

Build bank-specific services and reusable backend components using WaveMaker customization configurations across application layers

Modify and consume data easily with WaveMaker. It is built on an Open Standards foundation, which keeps code readable, fully extensible, and portable

Plug-n-play seamlessly with other systems in the bank using REST APIs and leverage WaveMaker API-first architecture

Save time on repetitive development activities with WaveMaker prefabs, responsive UI templates, and components warehouse

Reduce costs on infrastructure with auto-containerized deployment, on multi-cloud or on-prem infra of choice with WaveMaker



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The WaveMaker experience

Over 44,000 applications have been built on the WaveMaker platform. From modernizing loan origination systems, building customer service portals, to re-platforming core systems and innovating banking payment solutions, WaveMaker low code continues to not only build corporate banking cloud software, but also serve financial markets with its enterprise-grade capabilities.

Experience Loan Corp, a loan processing system built on WaveMaker.

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    Rethinking banking software solutions

    Over 90% of large banks in the world continue to use core legacy systems.

    Transformation stories have been far and few, with clunky legacy systems that are highly layered, complex, and holding massive amounts of crucial data. On the other hand, flawless customer experience is driving the world of fintech with multi-channel touchpoints and intuitive features using technologies like cloud, microservices, APIs, and delivery automation.

    The mandate to modernize is fast upon banks, while preserving sensitive data and leveraging critical investments made on existing systems. They are under pressure to:

    • Quickly customize product offerings ​for different markets and users
    • Easily access legacy data for real-time decision making
    • Seamlessly integrate upstream and downstream systems
    • Reduce product delivery costs and meet projected timelines

    The demand for differentiation

    Financial and digital banking platform providers, both are focused making experience their business. The industry realizes that differentiated experiences with real-time access to data is key to keeping pace with the modern customers’ evolving expectations.

    To create such differentiated experiences, from a technology standpoint, here are the priorities for a team of professionals building modern open banking & financial software:

    digital Banking
    digital Banking
    digital Banking
    digital Banking
    Open and
    digital Banking

    'Hyper customizable' banking solutions with low code

    Low code – An all powerful abstraction that helps remove all the drudgery from development, while giving teams the flexibility to customize wherever required. It allows deeper platform customizations and the ability to democratize development and rapidly build solutions tailored to the needs of the end-users.