Unlock your solution’s true
business potential


Go-to-market with
greater agility


Reduce dependencies on professional services teams and service partners by packaging a rapid application development framework as part of your solution. WaveMaker enables companies put the power of low-code in the hands of their customers and partners.

Custom Implementations

Increase customer value by delivering a unique solution to every customer. WaveMaker helps companies achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through differentiated solutions via rapid application development.


There is no mass market. Instead, there are multiple niche markets, each with very specific needs. Expand customer base with industry-specific solutions built on horizontal capabilities. WaveMaker helps industry’s leading companies develop niche solutions and save time & money going to market.

Build your own platform

For ISVs, the next step from cloud-based delivery and SaaS based subscription model, is to build a sustainable model for developing components, distributing them to essentially create an ecosystem to thrive. Component-based customization model is a powerful approach where enterprise customers will develop and extended components based on their own requirements.

Talk to us to understand how you can evolve from a product centric business to creating digital platforms and business ecosystems as newer channels of value creation for your enterprise


Key Highlights

  • Take advantage of Low-code approach for ISV customization needs
  • Enable end users to build solutions adhering to the architectural best practices
  • Provide platform to customize, build newer functionality, and extend existing features

Move from offering point solutions to broader platforms

Give your customers the flexibility to modify solutions based on their needs

Create a marketplace for applications based on your platform

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