About Us

WaveMaker, Inc. brings the WaveMaker Platform that combines rapid application Development (RAD) with PAAS (Platform As A Service) for customers wanting speedy creation of custom Apps that are browser delivered (responsive web) or device installed (hybrid mobile apps). WaveMaker removes bottlenecks in building Apps* with good UI, using popular frameworks and industry-standard products. WaveMaker Apps are integration ready (with RESTful API) and scale well on cloud deployment.

WaveMaker, Inc. is a portfolio company of  Pramati Technologies (est. 1998), a business incubator and enterprise software company with a combined workforce of nearly 1200 engineers. WaveMaker was acquired by Pramati Technologies in 2013 from VMWare, Inc. and redeveloped for current market needs. WaveMaker, Inc. is headquartered Mountain View, CA and serves customers from its offices in US, UK and India.  

We want Apps of the future to be both ‘natural and beautiful’ and building such Apps should be made easier and quicker. We believe, everyone is endowed with skills and ideas that can be useful in building the future Apps. Our role is to equip and augment the efforts of App builders of the future through technology & support.

“About us” is really about you, the App builder. We strive harder to assist our customers succeed with their App development project. We consider it our privilege to work with many like-minded partners in enhancing the reach of WaveMaker.

* Apps is used by WaveMaker as a general term for both web and mobile applications.


Jay Pullur

Chairman, Product Mentor

Passionate about building products, Jay has built a global portfolio of products and software service companies. Full cycle experience of a product business (from Idea, product, market, funding and exit stages) gives Jay, his versatile strength and confidence.

Vijay Pullur


Vijay has the rare combination of skills in both sales and technology. Having built several businesses and negotiated many large and strategic deals, Vijay had the opportunity to hone his sales skills. Earlier, as co-founder & CTO, Vijay played a key role in defining the product behind Application Server technology.

Deepak Anupalli

Co-founder, VP - Engineering

Enjoys building products. Originally from the Java Application Server team at Pramati Technologies, Deepak has been into enterprise products since the beginning of his career. At WaveMaker, Deepak works across teams, bridging the gap between customer needs and product capabilities.

Venugopal Jidigam

Sr Director - Engineering

J. Venu has been developing scalable systems, infrastructure software for over 12 years, working with several product companies like Tibco, Savvion, Progress and Pramati. Known for his technical strengths (see the J in his name), ever lasting smile, he handles most of the complex issues with design and code with ease.

Prashant Reddy

Sr Director - Engineering

Mayur Shah

Director - Platform Marketing

Mayur’s expertise in middleware and software architecture at BEA Systems, Cisco and Informatica, before joining the WaveMaker team, helps him in being deeply technical and honest in communication. Mayur has experience working with several successful enterprise CIOs, software decision makers and architects, bringing business and technical strengths.

Anoop Balakuntalam

Director - Engineering

Established Cloud & Devops practice and managed large scale Amazon AWS at Razorfish Neev among others. Prior to that he pursued his entrepreneurial ability building couple of infra & cloud ventures, Webkadai and Aware Consultants, bringing a mix of business and technical thought leadership.

Subhasish Karmakar

Design & Experience

Building UX practice across multiple locations in global product and services organizations at Logitech International, Philips and a few startups, SK is veteran in designing new experiences for users.

Obviously, everyone expects more from him.

Anurag Parashar

Customer Success

Anurag plays multiple roles as a Developer, Architect, Evangelist and a Customer-focused “Engineer”, with ability to drive the team towards the best interests of our customers. He is also a Docker champion. After his IIT studies, Anurag gained his valuable experience at Tech Mahindra and Imaginea over a long period of time.

Gary Hirsch

Legal Counsel

Counsel for growing businesses, from startup to exit. Manages contracts, funding, M&A, legal costs, IP, B2B/SaaS models

Harish Thirumalai


Handling international finance for Tech companies for nearly two decades, Harish has built a capable team that scales well with fast growing business. Harish manages compliance and investments in businesses across US, UK and Asia.

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