Rapid application development with low-code

Build, test, and deploy modern web apps rapidly right from your browser with the industry’s most open, enterprise-grade low-code Rapid application development platform.


Open standards-based best-of-breed application frameworks allow developers to learn and adopt the platform easily.

No Vendor Lock-in

Assets built on WaveMaker can be extended, customized, and distributed with no restrictions and no hidden costs.

Dev-seat Licensing

Create unlimited number of apps for an unlimited number of users with a transparent dev-seat licensing model.

Build Responsive Web Apps rapidly

Develop responsive, modern enterprise-grade web apps rapidly with the WaveMaker Web Studio. Create stunning UI with a wide a range of widgets and prefabs, integrate with existing systems and 3rd-party APIs, apply custom themes and styles and build web apps quickly—all within a browser.

Component-driven development

Build apps visually with prefabs, user journeys, and 100+ out-of-the-box widgets - forms, tables, and interactive charts, that you can drag and drop onto your application canvas to create rich digital experiences.

Experience design

Build delightful experiences with reusable templates, page layouts, and themes. Ensure consistency with styles, fonts, and colors to create brand-specific themes. Provide a wide range of layout controls and page layouts to quickly create stunning screens.

1-click deployment

Deploy to any cloud, private or public with just a single click. Choose from a range of cloud providers from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or any other cloud provider of your choice.

Multi-lingual support

Enable multiple languages for your apps using i18n support, with automatic locale-based language selection. All UI components are enabled with message bundles for language-specific messages.

Performance at scale

Performance is a key measure of your application’s experience, we leverage the latest technology enhancements for web and mobile app stack to provide your apps the right speed and sleek runtime.

Extend & customize

Explore platform customizations through custom methods and extensions available from the frameworks under the hood. Customize code in any IDE and import external libraries without hassles.

Built for developer experience

WaveMaker low-code RAD is built by developers for developers. Transform all developers into full-stack developers by empowering them with everything they need to build, test, and ship modern, scalable web apps from a single low-code platform.

Open Standards

User interfaces on our Rapid Application Development platform are generated based on an open-standards stack that app developers love to embrace and stay ahead of the technology adoption curve. With an open standards-based platform, your tech stays always updated and always debt-free.

Developer Suite

Test your applications easily with a just-in-time visual preview, debug and monitor using Google chrome developer tools and deploy with just one click.  Leverage built-in capabilities such as Intellisense editor, API mocks, and automated mobile testing.

API Mock Servers

API Mock Server is a WaveMaker Studio extension that simulates backend APIs with accurate responses providing uninterrupted data flow for you to develop your applications during the design phase.

Enhanced Collaboration

Work with your team members in a built-in collaboration environment. Use ingrained VCS control, branch support for hotfixes, and publish and review artifacts with your team.


Own your assets without any restrictions. Assets built on WaveMaker can be extended, customized, and distributed with no hidden costs and limitations.

Own your assets from day one

All assets created on WaveMaker are completely yours. Absolute freedom to use your assets in any way you want. 

Extend auto-generated code

Extend app-generated code into any IDE and customize further with no restriction.

Customize freely

Explore Rapid Application Development platform customizations through custom methods and extensions available from frameworks under the hood.

Import code

Create any Java service and custom code and import it into your application with no restrictions.


Explore experience components that bring backend logic and UI together.


Develop cross-platform native mobile apps with a single code base.

Enterprise-grade security from day one

Be assured of inbuilt security on apps built on WaveMaker Studio. Apps built on WaveMaker are always secure and always compliant out of the box.

VeracodeTM Certified

Use Veracode-certified app-generated code that promises protection against OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.

Robust Authentication

Integrate with a wide array of security providers for authentication on the Rapid Application Development platform ranging from LDAP, SSO, and SAML integration.

Granular Authorization

Define app or enterprise-wide roles and map these to existing users and groups for allowing access to specific app components such as pages, services, APIs, etc.

Vulnerability protection

Build apps using the latest open standards-based stack that is battle-tested by a large ecosystem of users, developers, and enterprises.

Collaborate better with WaveMaker Teams

Use Teams, the collaborative development environment in WaveMaker studio built for small teams. Manage projects, roles, and permissions on one platform.