September 10, 2021

Custom Application Development

A RAD approach to build future-ready customized apps​
One way to drive the adoption of applications is to build one that’s customized to the user. When you have teams within teams, from cross-functional to self-managing teams, every user, from an IT leader to a line of business (LoB) executive, demands modern applications designed to their requirements. The essence of agile enterprises is to create value and flexibility for business users with fluid IT capabilities.

IT cannot deliver all the custom applications that your business needs Address the pace of your application development needs with Custom Application Development Services

Create new or extend existing applications

  • Create data models, relationships, and database constraints from the existing system of records
  • Develop auto-import pipeline for existing database schema with support for multiple database platforms
  • Enable connection to Mobile backend services (MBaaS) of your choice (like AWS Mobile Services and Azure Mobile Services) for identity management & sync, analytics, push notifications, and more
  • Develop new integrations (or) connect with existing web services APIs (REST and SOAP) to enable an API-based custom application development
  • Customize application development


Create native experiences

  • Enable access to native device features like camera, location, network, battery, contacts, local storage, and more in your enterprise app
  • Accelerate app performance by leveraging offline storage
  • Develop cloud-native themes and (HTML5) UI controls  that adapt to any screen of your choice
  • custom application development


Drive application adoption and use

  • Create internal developer network and app stores
  • Automate and implement app version controls and revision policies

Build enterprise-grade, custom application development that are future-ready with wavemaker

  • Great looking apps out of the box: Quicken event-driven navigation and create a consistent design using pre-built themes and app templates.
  • Extensible code base: Easily extend or maintain code generated using your favorite IDE.
  • No code lock-in: Generate code that can be exported as a ZIP or WAR file and is Maven compliant and open Source.
  • Lower infra TCO with Docker: Use a lightweight Docker-based containerization model that runs 2-3 times faster than VMs.
  • Accelerate API reuse: Drag & drop use and re-use custom-built “Prefabs” to accelerate custom application development.

RAD platforms such as WaveMaker are revolutionizing how enterprises build, deliver, and manage modern custom applications. Improve business agility, foster innovation, and accelerate Custom application development.

Accelerating Custom App Development

Custom app development has become a crucial skill in an increasingly digitized world. Many moderate developers face numerous challenges while creating unique and functional applications. This is where low-code platforms come into play, offering a solution to accelerate app development and compensate for those shortcomings.


Who are Moderate Developers?


While every developer, like any professional, is constantly evolving and growing in experience, they can be put in three baskets: Entry-level developers who are learning on the job and may assist with debugging, essential documentation, code repository maintenance, and some simple feature requests. At the other end are experienced developers who lead projects, architect solutions, oversee the custom app development of applications, and take ownership of delivering killer features in the application. In the middle is a large swath of moderate developers with the foundational expertise to implement most app designs and feature requests. With more experience than beginners but still need to be qualified to be seniors in the team, they have a set of challenges. 


Understanding the Challenges of Moderate Developers


Moderate developers often need help with complex application development demands and skill limitations. They are faced with creating high-quality, functional, and unique applications, which can be daunting considering the rapid pace of technological change and user expectations.


These moderately skilled developers often face challenges such as:

    • Limited Expertise: Moderate developers need an in-depth knowledge of programming languages and development environments.
  • Time Constraints: Developing an application from scratch requires significant time and effort. Dedicating this effort to a single project can constrain developers and their organizations.
  • Scalability Issues: Growing and expanding applications increase the need for scaling and creating complex issues. Making changes and adding new features drags down the organization’s ability to outpace its service and the skills of its staff.
  • Security Concerns: Moderate developers may not be aware of an application’s security risks. They may not know how to protect the organization through custom app development.


Low-Code Platforms Offer Hope


Low-code platforms have been created to meet moderately skilled developers and organization’s challenges. The use of drag-and-drop applications offers a powerful way to overcome these challenges.


Creating practical and powerful applications is available through the custom low-code platform by connecting ready-made templates. This custom app development process rapidly creates applications for use as mobile and web-based applications.


Non-IT professionals can overcome their lack of time and knowledge through low-code app development platforms. Short-staffed organizations in their IT department can still provide a powerful connection for their services. The team can quickly get to work meeting its primary mission.


Visual Modeling is the Secret Power of Low-Code Platforms


Traditional application development involves writing lines of code, testing, and managing by an experienced IT staff. Low-code platforms use tested and connected visual components to build and launch successful and secure applications rapidly.


Low-code developers can see the application they are building from the beginning of the process to its launch. The drag-and-drop aspect of these low-code custom app development platforms is more intuitive and user-friendly. Errors are reduced by using the proven templates offered by these platforms.


Duplicating Success!


Recycling tested and ready-made components boosts the chance of an application’s success. Pre-configured applications are a way to rapidly launch applications with the confidence of a proven track record.


Low-code platforms offer users the confidence to trust the components while looking straight at their results from a clear visual perspective. More time and attention can be paid to an application’s unique functionalities rather than the complexity and drudgery of coding.


Team Building and Collaboration Opportunities


The visual nature of low-code custom app development platforms allows the entire team to play an active role in custom app development and keeps everyone speaking the same development language.


Built-in collaboration tools facilitate feedback loops, revision tracking, user stories, and messaging, making it easier for teams to work together in the same office or distributed worldwide. Everyone can own the solution while having a positive impact upon its release.


Ensuring Scalability


Low-code platforms offer more than a “one and done-” opportunity for growth and success. Robust and friendly customer-facing connections await users of low-code platforms who take advantage of their power. They can continue to generate further service opportunities and sales after the initial launch.


Proven internal processing networks can be extended with the same low-code custom app development platforms that started this robust development. Low-code connections can be efficiently expanded using earlier low-code work.


Ever-changing business needs can be readily addressed with existing customized low-code platforms. They can continue to offer ready-made templates for internal and external successes that fit an enterprise’s needs.


The cloud-based nature of custom enterprise low-code platforms ensures a flexible and continuous service of the applications. The package will be reliable and responsive to customers’ needs.


Choosing the Right Low-Code Platform


Choosing the right low-code Platform is critical. Developers must consider factors such as:

  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Ability to Customize Applications


Decision-makers must also consider their team’s expertise when choosing a low-code platform.


Trial versions or free tiers can be beneficial for understanding the team’s expertise and a customized enterprise platform’s capabilities to meet an organization’s needs.


The Future of Low-Code Platforms


Analysts predict a bright future for low-code platforms. They forecast continued enterprise adoption for faster development and specific business needs. However, low-code platforms will only partially replace traditional application development. Both methods will continue to coexist, each catering to specific use cases and developer skill levels.


The Wavemaker Advantage


WaveMaker is a low-code development platform transforming how businesses build, manage, and deploy applications. These platforms enable companies to innovate, adapt, and thrive in the digital age.

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, platforms like WaveMaker will play an increasingly crucial role. By democratizing application development and fostering a culture of innovation, these platforms are shaping the future of business in the digital era.

Unleashing the Power of Custom Application Development

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, businesses are increasingly relying on custom application development to gain a competitive edge. At WaveMaker, we understand the pivotal role that tailored software solutions play in achieving unique business objectives and fostering growth. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of custom application development, offering insights and strategies that go beyond the surface level.

Understanding the Core Principles
1. Purpose-driven Development
Custom applications should not merely address current challenges but anticipate future needs. Our approach revolves around crafting purpose-driven solutions that align seamlessly with your business goals. By analyzing your requirements comprehensively, we ensure that every line of code serves a strategic purpose, fostering scalability and adaptability.

2. Streamlined User Experience
In a digital era where user experience reigns supreme, we prioritize the creation of applications that are intuitive and user-friendly. Our development process involves meticulous user research, wireframing, and prototyping to guarantee an interface that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

The Development Journey
3. Agile Methodology
Embracing an agile development methodology, we break down projects into manageable sprints, ensuring continuous feedback loops and adaptability to changing requirements. This iterative approach minimizes risks, accelerates time-to-market, and allows for seamless integration of new features.

4. Robust Architecture
The foundation of any successful custom application lies in its architecture. Our experts employ cutting-edge technologies and follow industry best practices to build robust, scalable, and secure systems. This not only ensures optimal performance but also safeguards against potential cyber threats.

Maximizing ROI with Custom Applications
5. Scalability and Future-proofing
Investing in custom applications should be a strategic move for long-term success. We emphasize building solutions that are not only scalable but also future-proof. This guarantees that your applications can evolve alongside your business, preventing the need for frequent overhauls.

6. Integration Capabilities
In a digitally connected world, seamless integration with existing systems is paramount. Our development process prioritizes compatibility, enabling your custom applications to harmonize with your current tech stack effortlessly. This synergy maximizes efficiency and minimizes disruptions.

Visualizing Success:

A[Business Goals] -->|Drive Innovation| B[Custom Application Development]
B -->|Enhanced User Experience| C[Streamlined UI/UX]
B -->|Agile Development| D[Iterative Sprints]
B -->|Robust Architecture| E[Secure and Scalable Systems]
B -->|Maximized ROI| F[Scalability and Future-proofing]
B -->|Seamless Integration| G[Compatibility with Existing Systems]

At WaveMaker, our commitment to delivering unparalleled custom application development services is unwavering. This guide serves as a testament to our expertise in navigating the complexities of software solutions. By choosing us as your development partner, you are not just investing in code; you are investing in the future success and innovation of your business.

Enhancing Business Potential Through Custom Software Solutions

Harnessing Innovation for Competitive Advantage
In an era where innovation is the driving force behind business success, leveraging custom software solutions becomes a strategic imperative. At WaveMaker, we specialize in crafting applications that transcend conventional limitations, allowing businesses to not only meet but exceed their objectives.

Industry-tailored Solutions
Understanding the unique demands of your industry is paramount. Our custom application development goes beyond generic solutions, tailoring each aspect to align with the specific requirements and challenges of your sector. This industry-centric approach ensures that the software is not just a tool but a tailored asset that propels your business forward.

Data-Driven Decision Making
In the age of big data, intelligent decision-making relies on a robust data infrastructure. Our custom applications are designed to seamlessly integrate with data analytics tools, providing you with actionable insights. This empowers your organization to make informed decisions, adapt to market changes, and stay ahead of the competition.

Unraveling the Complexity of Custom Development
Transparent Communication
Effective collaboration is at the heart of successful custom software development. We prioritize transparent communication throughout the development cycle, ensuring you are informed and involved at every stage. This collaborative approach not only fosters trust but also results in a solution that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Rigorous Testing Protocols
Quality assurance is non-negotiable in custom application development. Our rigorous testing protocols, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing, guarantee a flawless end product. This commitment to quality not only minimizes post-launch issues but also enhances user satisfaction.

Adapting to Technological Advancements
Embracing Emerging Technologies
To future-proof your custom applications, we actively embrace emerging technologies. Whether it's artificial intelligence, machine learning, or blockchain, we integrate cutting-edge solutions that position your business at the forefront of technological advancement. This not only enhances functionality but also ensures longevity in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Mobile Optimization for Accessibility
In an era dominated by mobile devices, optimizing applications for mobile accessibility is not an afterthought but a necessity. Our development process includes thorough mobile optimization, ensuring your custom applications are seamlessly accessible across various devices. This accessibility enhances user engagement and expands your reach.

Visual Representation of Our Approach:
A[Business Objectives] -->|Industry Analysis| B[Industry-tailored Solutions]
B -->|Data Integration| C[Data-Driven Decision Making]
C -->|Transparent Communication| D[Collaborative Development]
D -->|Testing Protocols| E[Rigorous Quality Assurance]
E -->|Embracing Innovation| F[Integration of Emerging Technologies]
F -->|Mobile Optimization| G[Accessibility Across Devices]

Elevating Your Business to New Heights
At WaveMaker, our commitment to elevating your business through Modernize custom software solutions is unwavering. This guide provides a glimpse into our meticulous approach, emphasizing not just the technical prowess but the strategic insight that sets us apart. Choose WaveMaker for custom application development that transcends expectations, propelling your business toward unparalleled success.