Expert Services

WaveMaker can help your team conquer complex application scenarios, accelerate development, optimize resource utilization, and keep systems modernized. Backed by the power of low-code component architecture and high-quality AI-generated code.

Transform your applications to enable business agility and innovation at scale. Unlock the full value of your applications with our end-to-end services.

Revamp Experience

Adherence to the UX design is vital to keep branding and experience consistent as the software grows with more users and features. High quality code generation from Figma design files accelerates creation of pixel perfect UI. WaveMaker expert teams leverage their deep knowledge of low-code architecture to create UI components, APIs and page flows.


Brand new experience for your software. Custom-built widgets, themes, and templates. Train engineers on WaveMaker and using Figma import.

Rebuild Functionality

WaveMaker makes it easy to churn out new features or make quick changes to old ones. But API design, code performance, and maintenance are important. True acceleration is not just building UI but putting together a high performance backend infrastructure all the way to Docker integration. Our experts can help with seamless augmentation of your software end to end.


Full stack development for your software. Custom microservices, reusable prefab components, and custom design system. Train engineers to be full-stack using WaveMaker.

Recast Product

Modernize your software products by taking full advantage of modern design systems and low-code software architecture. Componentize the product front-end and make it composable on demand to meet unique customer needs. Accelerate implementation, make upgrades easier, and move to microservices architecture.


New architecture for product front-end, component library, APIs, reusable prefab components, and design system implementation. Train product engineers to leverage low-code for flexibility and acceleration.

Replatform Software

While revamping your software user experience brings immediate benefits, fork-lifting your software to a modern platform is needed to leverage non-functional aspects of software like performance, security, manageability and scalability. WaveMaker’s open standards stack makes it easy to adapt and work with. Our experts bring years of experience in building platforms to help your team migrate to a future-ready architecture.


Migration assessment, implementation, and testing of applications running on new platform. New feature development and enhancements where needed. Train customer engineering teams to be self-sufficient on WaveMaker.




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