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Modernize iteratively with a composable low-code platform

Modernize legacy applications component by component with zero disruption to your business.
Application Modernization

Transition to a composable architecture disruption-free

Modernize your legacy applications in phases. Roll out new functionalities built on low-code as components and integrate them with existing systems.

  • Create an internal repository of core functional components using prefabs
  • Integrate new components into existing systems
  • Enable co-existence of newly composed components with existing systems and phase out slowly
Application Modernization
How software vendors can take a composable approach to modernization.
Application Modernization

App modernization strategies with WaveMaker

A modernization initiative can span three levels of an application: Experience, integration, and architecture.
Application ModernizationApplication Modernization
Application Modernization

Experience Modernization

Modernize UI and create differentiated user experiences while leveraging existing application assets. Use UI wrappers, connectors, themes, templates, custom prefabs and user journeys, to compose differentiated user experiences for your applications.
Application Modernization

API Modernization

Create custom integrations with personalized API wrappers to create new app strategies on top of existing systems and optimize the code output while keeping the original code itself intact.
Application Modernization

Architectural Transformation

Re-architect applications in a new, better ecosystem and discover the benefits of custom app rewrite and containerized app delivery. Move to a cloud-native architecture with easier maintenance and dynamic scaling at lower costs while achieving DevOps automation.

Renew your legacy application landscape with WaveMaker low-code

Cater to a dynamic experience-driven market with a component-based development platform. Avoid rebuilds and cost overheads and modernize your legacy applications iteratively with low-code.


Speed up your modernization project

Shift to a component-based development paradigm and make use of prefabs, responsive templates, consistent themes, and over 100+ out-of-the-box widgets to modernize applications faster.


Scale for high volume transactions and users

Based on a reliable foundation of microservices, WaveMaker low-code offers a host of front-end, mobile, back-end, and DevOps technologies that enable scaling for high volume transactions and users


Always updated tech stack 

Minimize technical debt. Keep your apps fresh with an always updated and open-standards-based tech stack.

Cut costs

Build applications on existing systems

With lower operating costs, save on existing investments in infrastructure and backend, and faster deployment with low-code.


New components exist with old systems

Rebuild and replace existing features incrementally with no disruption to existing business processes. Co-exist with the existing systems till complete application modernization.


Integrate with all systems

Enable new experiences with REST API-based integration to existing systems, 3rd party services, CI/CD pipelines, and security providers.


Modernize with a fusion team 

Leverage varied skill sets across the team and enable citizen developers to modernize applications with just plug-and-play of experience-based components.


Multi-cloud modernization 

Modernize applications on any cloud platform, internal or external, private or public, and deploy your refreshed applications with just one click to any cloud of choice.

Legacy modernization resources

Application Modernization

Modernization with cloud-based application development platforms

Take a look at the core advantages of application modernization with cloud platform application development.
Application Modernization
Application Modernization

Waste Not. Wait Not

Find out how J.J. Richards modernized all its diverse applications and even catered to on-field requirements in this case study.
Application Modernization
Application Modernization

Modernization with Maximum Success

Experts from Medical Wizard and 3i-Infotech discuss in depth about their application modernization journey with WaveMaker.
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