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Transformation that looks good, works good, is good.

Transformation that looks good, works good, is good.

  • Experience

    Close the design-to-code gap Implement data-driven experiences Use best of breed front-end tech Go live on multiple devices at once

  • Process

    Develop apps that are scalable Add your code to generated code Build apps using prefabs Secure with built-in role-based access

  • Foundation

    Visual app development studio Open standards based stack API and microservices architecture Container delivery to hybrid infra

The future-proof low-code platform

Low Code, lower costsDrag-n-drop assembly reduces bugs and design-to-code gap, reduced change request waiting time, lower maintenance costs

Smaller agile teamsFull-stack apps without specialists, tools for DB and API integration, end to end code-gen by platform, focus on business logic

Faster to marketFaster app iterations than traditional development, ready-to-use templates & widgets, hot-wire third-party REST APIs

No platform lock-inUnique code behind approach gives code access, Portable code with open standards, full code ownership and transparency

Push to users fasterWorks with pipelines in place, delivery automation with containers, visually deploy to configured cloud

Baked-in securityHierarchical, role-based access control, OWASP Top 10 compliance for iron-cladding apps, strong password encryption

Your agile team would love it!

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Zero vendor lock-in, portable code, extensible platform and easier integrations

Modern full stack
Microservices, responsive UI, app pre-fabs, containers under the hood

Legacy leverage
Wrap and tap legacy data and services as APIs, mix with modern apps, build new customer experiences

Baked-in security
Use role based access controls, OWASP compliance, strong password encryption

Code access
Open standards based, human readable code, mix-in custom code

Cloud-first lifecycle
Buildout cloud-first, from front-ends to delivering apps to Kubernetes, all in the platform

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