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ITProPortal    |    August 30, 2020

Navigating six risks of pandemic era digital transformations with low-code

Ensuring a successful climb out to a digital paradigm without running the gauntlet of costly delays.

TECHGYD.COM    |    August 03, 2020

Future-proof your application development process by combining Java programming with low-code

Enterprise needs today have become more demanding. The new sense of urgency, to evolve, to modernize and drive mobility, scalability, and flexibility has led to enterprises embracing a ‘digital first’ approach and adopting new technology extensively.

FORBES    |    June 08, 2020

How Are You Building The Technology You Need For The Post-Pandemic World?

“Throw away your briefcase; you’re not going to the office,” it began and proceeded to make several pronouncements that might have been alarming 10 years ago.

Jaxenter    |    May 25, 2020

To 25 glorious years of Java!

Java is turning 25 years old! Here’s a tribute to keeping the tradition of Java programming alive and well. This article takes a look back at the history of the programming language, how it transformed an era, and how it excels today in multiple spheres.

TECHSTORY    |    May 25, 2020

Fast Forwarding on Tech Trends Too Soon? Use Emerging Tech to Make Remote Working Work

Within a matter of weeks, the way we work, live and do business has drastically changed. In the rush to contain the situation, we’ve turned to technology as our saving grace.

TOOLBOX    |    May 12, 2020

Why Full-stack Development Needs Low-code to Stay Agile

Today, IT organizations need agile teams for all the advantages of team efficiency, project visibility, scale, and long-term software robustness.    |    May 07, 2020

Sacrificing Security for Speed: 5 Mistakes Businesses Make in Application Development

Earlier this year, the Democratic party in Iowa announced its plans to use a smartphone app to calculate and transmit their caucus results.

ECONOTIMES    |    May 5, 2020

Application Development Made Easy: Use the Power of the Most Innovative Low-Code Platform on the Market

In today’s highly competitive environment, IT has become the backbone in ensuring business continuity and growth.

FORBES    |    May 4, 2020

Add Dexterity Without Disruption: Let Low-Code Empower IT And Drive Digital Transformation

Recently, I was in conversation with a business associate who is an IT leader of an insurance company. Our conversation revolved around how digital transformation is revolutionizing the insurance industry faster than other sectors.

TMCNET    |    April 28, 2020

WaveMaker provides application modernization

WaveMaker is a platform that prides itself on doing all the heavy lifting for those looking to update their initiatives and carry out application modernization.

TMCNET    |    April 28, 2020

WaveMaker enables rapid application development

Rapid application development is increasingly important in a time where visitors expect a smooth customer experience and businesses strive to outperform competitors by offering this

IT BRIEFCASE    |    April 23, 2020

Model Driven Development vs. Code Generation. What’s the right balance?

Low code products provide rapid acceleration of app development using Model Driven Development.

TGDaily    |    April 21, 2020

Benefits of Using Low Code App Building Platform for Small & Medium Enterprises

To create a good application for your mobile, laptops and desktops, a low code development platform is used by many small and medium-sized enterprises.

CIOReviewIndia    |    April 16, 2020

Evaluating low-code platforms for scalability: Do’s, don’ts and questions to ask

The enterprise application market is expected to grow to 250 billion USD by 2024. This is hardly surprising given enterprises are developing more applications than ever before.

TECH TIMES    |    April 13, 2020

Wavemaker: App Building Made Simple

WaveMaker is a low-code platform that enables easy collaboration for the building and deployment of applications, through the use of advanced technology stacks.

ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT 360    |    March 25, 2020

Ask the Expert: Nanjunda Prasad, Director of Marketing at WaveMaker

Why Legacy Systems Are the Achilles Heel of Digital Transformation.

Information Age    |    January 20, 2020

How Low-code Helps CIOs Accelerate Digital Transformation

CIOs need to embrace low-code as it can help accelerate digital transformation and application development demands.

FORBES    |    January 3, 2020

2020 Predictions: Adapting to the Shape-Shifting Dynamics of Evolving Ecosystems

2019 was the year we witnessed business leaders intensify their efforts to embrace digital transformation initiatives and build an adaptive, technical and operational foundation.

THE TECH PORTAL    |    June 27, 2019

Rethinking Customer Engagement? Think Agility in app Development

When we talk about an agile enterprise, we usually refer to its ability to organize and make the best use of its available resources to deliver projects on time.    |    April 24, 2019

Role of Governance to Make Low-Code Platforms More Productive

Most organizations implemented low-code tools to speed up the application development process.

App Developer Magazine    |    February 12, 2019

RAD Definition is Changing

Rapid Application Development (RAD), also termed low-code development, is a visual approach to creating apps that enable greater developer efficiency.    |    February 08, 2019

WaveMaker 2019 Predictions: The Continued Evolution and Revolution of Low-Code

Rapid Application Development (RAD) or low-code development is a dynamic approach to creating applications that minimize hand-coding to increase developer productivity.

SD Times    |    January 07, 2019

A guide to low-code, no-code solutions

Appian provides a software development platform that combines intelligent automation and enterprise low-code development to rapidly deliver powerful business applications.    |    December 28, 2018

Debunking Low-Code Myths to Empower App Modernization

Everyone seems to be talking about low-code nowadays. Low-code app development platforms are already taking the IT world by storm.    |    December 18, 2018

Are you a digital-ready enterprise? A checklist for CIOs to ponder

This article provides the much needed checklist for CIOs, to assess the digital-readiness of their enterprises.

Predictive Analytics Today    |    November 18, 2018

Top low-code development platforms

Digital revolution is a very critical factor when it comes to modern businesses.

App Developer Magazine    |    November 01, 2018

Software modernization myths likely holding you back

As new cloud, AI, and mobile technologies continue to shape the tech landscape, it’s increasingly challenging for developers and IT leaders to maintain up-to-date applications in the face of nonstop innovation.

TECHSTORY    |    October 29, 2018

Lining up for offline

Today, there is an app-for-everything and as consumers, we expect our apps to be working all the time, whether we are online or not.

DEVOPS.COM    |    October 04, 2018

WaveMaker Launches Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin

A leading low-code Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform, announced the launch of its Studio WorkSpace Sync Plugin.

BrainBlog    |    September 17, 2018

Finding Your Application Modernization Balance

In today’s always-on world in which technology is now a chief driver of competitive value, organizations must strike a new balance and find a way to do it all — especially tackling the modernization efforts that they have put off for far too long.

BrainBlog    |    August 17, 2018

Low-Code and the Third Way of App Modernization

While the primary driver of the low-code movement was to improve enterprise developer productivity and to create a more agile and collaborative development workflow, the evolution of these platforms has also opened the door to a new hybrid approach to application modernization.

BrainBlog    |    June 21, 2018

The Problem with Application Modernization

Application modernization is now a top-of-mind issue for every IT leader — yet most organizations are doing little to actually modernize their application stack. Why?

EnterpriseTech    |    June 07, 2018

Low Code App Modernization Renews Software Running out of Steam

Any enterprise that got its start before the dawn of the internet era comes equipped with a legacy in its systems of records that are several decades old.

Constellation Research    |    March 07, 2018

Constellation ShortList™ Enterprise Low-Code Tools and Platforms

A low-code tool or platform allows application developers to create software solutions with minimal skill and effort. For the purposes of this list, a low-code tool is distinct from a low- code-platform if it’s not a self-contained foundation upon which low-code applications run.    |    February 04, 2018

Looking at Microservices Through a Macro Lens

Good things come in small packages, and that’s true of microservices. Read on to get a solid overview of the benefits this architectural pattern brings with it.    |    January 16, 2017

How RAD Platforms Can Move New App Deployment Forward

Rapid application development platforms ­– the low code and no code tools that have proliferated in the last few years – have given rise to the phenomenon of the citizen developer.

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