Case Studies

Streamlining Operations by Reducing Ideation to Fruition time from Months to Weeks

Creating apps to Simplify Complex Bank Processes

Delivering Better Business Critical Applications for Healthcare

Building B2B Networking Platform in Record Time and Saving 50% on Resource Costs

Reducing turnaround time of genetic testing from 3 days to a couple of hours

Digitizing on field processes to enable sustainable forestry

Replatforming IBM AS/400 System Without Business Disruption

Modernizing Oracle Form Apps to Transform Manufacturing Systems

Personalizing customer experience through apps

Fortune 100 Insurance Company Accelerates Application Development

Modernizing a Microsoft app stack using WaveMaker

Modernizing Order Management in Just 6 Weeks

Reducing insurance agents training effort by 40%

Legacy to Modern at Half the Cost and Time

Reducing Customization Costs by 75% using RAD

Telecom – Casestudy

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