This Studio Basics provides training on:

  • Introduction of WaveMaker Studio basics,
  • Designing the user interface and much more.

Time: 4 hrs



The Studio Advanced provides training on:

  • Authentication and authorization for the application ,
  • Version control integration and team development.

Time: 4 hrs



Classroom training will be delivered on your premises by our professionals. There are three package offerings:


TitleBrief DescriptionMethodDuration
Overview, Design UIIntroduction of WaveMaker Studio basics, designing the user interfaceLecture+Demo75 mins
Widgets, Prefabs, BindingUsing UI components and binding them to dataLecture+Demo75 mins
Databases, ServicesWorking with data from databases and web services in applicationsLecture+Demo75 mins
Variables, VisualizationUnderstanding the concept of variables and visually representing dataLecture+Demo75 mins



TitleBrief DescriptionMethodDuration
Security, Version Control, LocalizationAuthentication and authorization for the application, Version control integration and team development, Customizing the application for different localesLecture+Demo75 mins
Advanced DB ConceptsQueries, stored procedures, data model design and data exportLecture+Demo75 mins
Extending App with Custom Code – JS, Java and using IDE.Writing custom code to extend your app, working with third party jars and JS libraries, Extending App using external IDELecture+Demo75 mins
Prefabs, Custom ComponentsDeveloping prefabs and consuming them, Creating Widgets, Wizards and ThemesLecture+Demo75 mins
API Driven DevelopmentAuto generated REST APIs, API Designer, publishing and consuming APIs and API visibilityLecture+Demo75 mins



TitleBrief DescriptionMethodDuration
UI Design 1Various UI elements including layouts, themes and some widgets how to use themLecture+Demo+hands-on1 day
UI Design 2UI widgets, data visualization widgetsLecture+Demo+hands-on1 day
DB Services, variables and BindingAll aspects of DB – designer, queries etc, variables and binding with UILecture+Demo+hands-on1.5 day
Other Services, securityJava and web services integration, security IntegrationLecture+Demo+hands-on1 day
App extensionsPrefabs, JS scripting and IDE based extensionsLecture+Demo+hands-on1 day
API Driven DevelopmentWorking with APIs in WaveMakerLecture+Demo+hands-on0.5 day


All WaveMaker trainings are instructor led, the mode of presentation differs.

TitleBrief DescriptionMethodTarget AudienceDuration
Cloud BasicsIntroductory concepts of Virtualization, IaaS, PaaS & SaaS and DockerLectureAll interested parties60 mins
Docker overviewDocker images, containers, hub, registries, management etc.LectureAll interested parties60 mins
Creating a WaveMaker private cloudShards, instances, containers, registry & monitoringLecture cum DemoIT Managers120 mins
Configure your WaveMaker private cloudSoftware packaging, images and container provisioningLecture cum DemoDevOps120 mins
Building scalable micro service apps using WM CloudMSA development, services, app environment and configurationsLecture cum DemoArchitects120 mins
Manage your WaveMaker platform using LaunchpadAdministration for version control, enterprise setup and personalization, access control, users and groupsLecture cum DemoIT Managers120 mins
WaveMaker Cloud – Hands on ManagementFull hands on exercise on all capabilities of cloud, and other administration aspects of WaveMaker PlatformWorkshopIT Managers/ DevOps/ Architects4 hrs