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WaveMaker Private Cloud

Private Cloud Software that enables enterprises to create and manage a private cloud within their own data centers, leveraging Docker containerization. The platform provides ability to build custom software stacks, deploy API-driven Microservices based apps and orchestrate IT infrastructure effectively.

Standardize cloud software, without resulting in shadow-IT

private cloud software
As apps power innovation within enterprise, they need faster delivery model to meet the changing market conditions. Developers take control over the app stack and the delivery process, which results in Shadow-IT issues. With an IT-approved cloud service platform which acts like an innovation sandbox, developers now have the freedom to experiment new methods and have the ability to get custom software stacks approved by IT easily.

Enterprise stack standardization

Standardize use of software packages across the enterprise with IT-sanctioned stack

Foster innovation with cloud sandbox

Experiment and discover new methodologies and new app stacks with an in-house cloud sandbox.

IT-approved docker registry for app stack

Push/pull IT-approved application stack using private docker registry

Set Continuous Delivery in Motion

Traditional Continuous Delivery requires complex scripts and configuration tools. Despite configuration management tools, the script cycle needs to be repeated at each stage. WaveMaker removes project delivery bottlenecks by providing a consistent app environment, using Docker images, through different stages of the app life cycle. This results in effective agile process and faster app delivery.

Same Stack, Different Environments

Deploy same application stack in all environments. No complex scripts and configuration tools required.

One-Click Launch

Launch an existing Application Stack on a new Environment with just a single click.

Simple Configuration

Easily specify environment properties for each environment

Self-service, secure and scale your own Infra

Lower VM Density96%
Faster Instance Launch98%
Efficient resource utilization80%

We drink our own champagne. Find out how WaveMaker Online achieved the above savings with Docker and Auto-Optimized Hibernation

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WaveMaker uses lightweight Docker-based Containerization model for deploying and running applications. This technology provides low cost of ownership as it can run 2-3 times the load of a comparable Virtualization solution and boost application delivery times for enterprise innovation.

Optimal resource utilization

WaveMaker Provides automatic hibernation of idle containers for optimal use of compute resources. Hibernation allows reclaiming resources from idle containers.

Maximize Docker Benefits

Supports Docker based lightweight containerization model. This enables faster delivery of apps, easier deployment, and ability to run more workloads as compared to virtualized hypervisor based environment.

Easily Set up Your Infrastructure Cloud

WaveMaker enables the IT Admin to setup a private, public or hybrid enterprise cloud platform based on Docker containerization model, using an easy intuitive management console.

Dockerize workloads

WaveMaker supports on-demand provisioning of lightweight Docker containers with customized software stacks. This provides the user with the flexibility to pick and choose the software stacks required for the app.

Container Shards

Supports logical grouping of containers for the purpose of deployment identification. This simplifies the management of multiple containers and provides the ability to horizontally scale app workloads.

Monitoring and Management

WaveMaker provides a full-fledged self-service console for monitoring and managing infrastructure as well as applications. Gain visibility into your app workloads with monitoring and graphical dashboards.


“WaveMaker’s usage of Docker Containers for deployment bring unprecedented simplicity to application delivery for most any enterprise, perhaps saving countless hours spent on manually deploying web applications using traditional methods”

Frank OhlhorstJournalist, Editor

“We are always looking at simpler ways to host and manage our applications without having to worry about operational issues. I believe WaveMaker Cloud provides us this capability.”

Francisco GonçalvesSofteLabs

“WaveMaker Cloud is a perfect companion of WaveMaker Studio. WaveMaker Cloud allows Developers and Companies to deploy J2EE applications to a robust infrastructure without having to worry about operational issues.”

José-Luis Preza-Dí

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