Introducing Studio Desktop 7.5

April 10, 2015
by sudeep.kumar

WaveMaker team announces the release of WaveMaker Studio 7.5 which includes the release of WaveMaker Studio Desktop 7.5! It is a big milestone for us as well as the Studio developer community who have been waiting for the Desktop version eagerly. Studio 7 is one of the most significant releases of WaveMaker in the past few years, if not ever. With today’s release, developers can build apps using Studio 7 on desktops (Studio Desktop), on the cloud (WaveMaker Online) and on enterprise infrastructure (WaveMaker Enterprise).

WaveMaker Studio 7 Releases – Timeline

Studio 7.5 Release is also a good time to look back at the releases made by the WaveMaker team since the launch of Studio 7.0 on September 16, 2014. Did you know that the WaveMaker team has made 17 releases in the last seven months!! That is a release every fortnight. Thanks for all of the encouraging feedback that kept us motivated. You can explore all the Studio 7 releases in this interactive timeline below:

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How to download and install WaveMaker Studio

You can install the latest Studio Desktop from the Downloads page which has links to the installation instructions and release notes. 

A few things to note:

1. Studio Desktop 7.5 installer can be run on any of the compatible operating systems listed on the Downloads page.

2. You need a WaveMaker account to use Studio Desktop 7.5. If you are an existing WaveMaker Online user, you can login using the same credentials. If not, you can register link on the Studio Desktop login dialog.

3. If you are facing any issues during installation or registration, please post to the WaveMaker Studio 7+ forum. Do tag your posts with “desktop” and “7.5”.

4. The core capabilities of Studio Desktop 7.5 are similar to Studio available at WaveMaker Online. However, Studio Desktop does not offer the enterprise capabilities that you can try at WaveMaker Online. For a detailed comparison refer to the Plan Comparison page. Also, the frequency of release updates and bug fixes will be higher for WaveMaker Online as it is a SaaS version.

5. Studio Desktop 7.5, like the earlier Studio Desktop versions, is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. The source code will be made available shortly. Please check the News and Announcements forum for updates.

Desktop GA

February 24, 2015
by Samir Ghosh

I’m writing to give an update on WaveMaker Studio Desktop.   Thanks to everyone who’ve been patiently waiting.  We started our Desktop beta program end of November and have received great feedback.  We were way over subscribed to our Desktop Beta, so apologize to those who are still waiting.  We expect to release Desktop for GA in March.  We will send individual notices to those who requested Beta access when Desktop is released.

We have a lot of loyal users who think of WaveMaker synonymously with the desktop product.  However, after our big investments in WaveMaker, Studio is now one of three core pillars to the WaveMaker Platform – WaveMaker Gateway (our API Management software) and WaveMaker Cloud (our Docker-based private PaaS software).  Within Studio, Desktop is now one of various flavors, including our team enterprise edition WaveMaker Enterprise, and the online SaaS Studio with trial enterprise features at   Thanks for all of the encouraging and constructive feedback we’ve received!

We’ve worked very hard to modernize WaveMaker Studio, e.g., utilizing Bootstrap and AngularJS, simplifying the UI, adding API Designer, SmartLayouts for auto-responsive multi-device support, version control integration, multi-developer projects, database designer, and many more capabilities.

This resulted in some complexity in orchestrating the build, delivery and maintenance of our various versions.  Keep in mind, not only do we now provide WaveMakerOnline SaaS, but on-prem software in single user and team platform (enterprise) versions.  Getting this versioning and logistics ironed out took a bit longer than we’d hoped.  We’ve also been taking the time to refactor now for long term benefits.  For example, we’re painfully refactoring legacy REST API backend code just to improve the readability of the generated code.

The good news is that we will be releasing Desktop shortly, and will be working to evolve the Desktop into not just a stand-alone single developer install, but optionally an important option integrated with our WaveMaker Enterprise team platform, which is delivered as a virtual appliance.

If anyone is interested in trying WaveMaker Enterprise (all the WaveMakerOnline team capabilities but on-prem), please contact us.

And please do send us feedback as to why Desktop is so important to you.  We want to make sure we keep moving the Desktop edition in the right directions.