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Accelerate Modern, Multi-device App Delivery

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Journey of Your Application – Turbocharged

Develop sophisticated applications that can be deployed easily and quickly while supporting
enterprise needs for security, integration and lifecycle management


Page Layouts and Templates

Jump start your application design with inbuilt collection of layouts and ready-to-use templates

Application Themes

Beautiful apps are only a click away with a large collection of themes that ensure consistent experience across pages and UI elements

Custom Styles

Provide a unique identity to your apps with custom styling at widget and page level using various style properties or go pro with CSS styles


Visual RAD

Accelerate app development with visual paradigm, assemble from readily-tested components with no code and hot-deploy requiring no separate compile/build step.

Automatic Multi-Device

UI widgets and components are automatically responsive for web consumption and supports multiple devices. Build installer with a single-click for hybrid mobile apps.

Extend and Customize

App components are built using popular open source frameworks, which allows for easy extensions and customizing.


Enterprise Developer Network

Make app development social with a network of developer teams working collaboratively on shared projects.

Project Collaboration

Share project with other developers at your company. Add vendor and consultant contributors by authorizing external domains or email IDs.

Share and Discover APIs

Publish your applications’s APIs on your network and explore APIs that others have shared.


Database Designer

Visually edit or create the data model, relationships and database constraints. Import existing database schema with support for multiple database platforms.

Web Services

Connect to REST and SOAP web services just as easy. Automatic SOAP to REST conversion.


Mash up an app using reusable, independent and tested micro apps that abstract API consumption complexity. Create and share Prefabs for your business logic.


One-Click Test and Deploy

Setup cloud of your choice (AWS) for click deployment of application WAR files. Externalize deployment configuration with app configuration profiles.

Auto-Publish APIs

Publish APIs built within apps selectively to your developer network, enabling micro-services based development.

On-Prem, Private or Public

Apps built can be deployed to Public cloud of your choice, in-built support to provision instances on AWS and deploy to any Private Cloud.


Continuous Integration

Manage complete app life-cycle i.e. build, deploy and manage using centralized management console (Launchpad)

Release Management

Manage versions of applications with in-built source code repository integration and deploy multiple app versions to deployment targets.

API Management

Publish and Manage APIs built within applications.