May 30, 2013

CloudJee, Inc.

Greetings WaveMaker Community!

As a follow-up to Pramati’s acquisition of WaveMaker and Chris Keene’s introduction earlier this month, today, I am proud to announce CloudJee, Inc., a spin-off from Pramati Technologies.  CloudJee is a proven cloud platform for mission-critical Java apps.  Unlike other “PaaS” offerings which work well for simple dev/test applications, or that cast a diluted wide net by trying to support numerous programming languages, we are focused on mission-critical Java apps.

Why?  Because scalable, dependable Java applications that leverage the cloud are our experience and strength.  Our spin-off team comes from Pramati, where we have built award-winning highly scalable global cloud-native applications such as Context (acquired by Autodesk in 2012) and Social Twist.  Our team has also helped dozens of other companies (including Google, Intel, Visa) leverage the cloud for their own apps critical to their businesses.

From this experience, we provide 4 pillars of assistance to help companies through the 5 phases of Plan, Develop, Deploy, Run, and Manage their critical apps on the cloud:

We have gathered and aggregated our collective experience in building cloud-native apps into a comprehensive reference architecture (or blueprint).  Depending on your requirements, we use this reference architecture to help you Plan your application to best leverage the cloud and meet your requirements.

Our cloud platform includes our enterprise Java container and self-service Management Portal.  The CloudJee Java container (formerly Pramati Server) including the app server, load balancer, and the webserver has been optimized specifically to Run cloud applications.  Our Management Portal leverages our years of expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Deploy and Manage your applications for optimal cost, availability, security, and performance.

Our recent acquisition of WaveMaker rounds out our complete platform offering.  CloudJee WaveMaker is a popular, award-winning Java RAD tool that allows developers to use live data and WYSIWYG environment to Develop cloud-native and mobile applications on enterprise-sanctioned Java technology.

With 650+ engineers available under the Pramati umbrella, we can help assist you in a number of ways along your journey to the cloud.  Our professional services team can guide you in your Plan process.  We can help you develop your application or components, and/or we can help offload any of the Deploy, Run or Manage tasks so you can focus on your core business.

We are very excited about the synergies of WaveMaker and the CloudJee platform and have already picked up where VMware developers left off.  We’re working on the 6.6 GA release plus integration with the CloudJee platform, which we expect to make available within 2 months.  We will continue to operate WaveMaker as an open-source community and look forward to helping WaveMaker and the community thrive.

If you’re interested in a Webinar on WaveMaker with CloudJee in July 2013, please email us at

Best regards,

Samir Ghosh
CEO, CloudJee, Inc.