Idea to app in days

Design visually

Create elegant apps
without writing code

Integrate easily

Easily connect with all your
systems and data

Publish instantly

One-click deployment on-premises or in the cloud

Features at a glance

Template, layouts and themes
70+ Widgets
Automatically Responsive
Material Design

Intuitive WYSIWYG Studio
Instant Preview
Automatic Data Binding
Charting & Visualization

Relational Databases
Web and Java Services
Legacy or Enterprise Systems
Third-party Libraries

Mobile Backend
Pre-built Integrations
Data Model Designer
Reusable Custom Components

Multi-device Preview
Public or Private Cloud
On-premise Deployment
Publish to App Stores

Export WAR & Source Code
Continuous Deployment
Release Management
App Lifecycle Management

Mobile Templates
Access Device Features
Offline Data Storage
Publish to App Stores

Connect Mobile Backend
Multi-device Preview
1-Click Test & Publish
Single Code Base

LDAP, CAS, Active Directory
SSL Encryption

Role-based Access Control
Automatic Login Screen
OWASP Top 10 Complaint
Code Quality

Edit HTML, CSS, JS, Java
Data Model Designer
API Designer
Reusable Custom Components

2-Way IDE Interoperability
Version Control Integration
Custom Templates, Themes
Custom Widgets

Built for modernization

Customers don’t wait and traditional approaches to modernization takes forever. The Rapid platform is engineered to help you transform aging applications quickly and economically.

Deliver apps 67% faster with visual development, easy integration, and instant deployment

Deploy your applications anywhere – public cloud, private cloud or on-premises infrastructure

Open source runtime, proven frameworks and technologies for complete vendor independence

Composable architecture based on microservices, APIs, reusable components and containerization

Proven platform with robust security and support SLAs from a trusted partner

Best Value
High productivity gain coupled with transparent pricing for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Composable architecture for the modern enterprise

Powered by technologies that developers rely on

Build your app today

Faster Development

Lesser Code

Low Maintenance Cost

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