Combine the speed of low-code with the
power of custom code


Rapid, cross-platform
UI development

  • Out-of-the-box responsive widgets and templates
  • Themes with design guidelines based on Angular Material
  • Native UX for mobile apps with IOS/Android guidelines
  • Mobile device integrated widgets & offline support
  • Multi-device preview of changes during development
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Visual data integration
support without code

  • Plug-n-play existing enterprise assets –DB/services or any existing system (using SOAP Web services)
  • Enable 2-way integration with automatic API creation for existing business logic
  • Integrate with 3rd party REST APIs with full lifecycle support for authentication, authorization
  • Bind UI widgets with database, web Services, REST etc. without code
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Extensibility and re-use
through prefabs

  • Flexibility in customizing all layers of your application
  • Open-standards based code generation and customization
  • Enterprise-wide component repository for prefabs, themes, templates etc. for collaborative development
  • 2-way workspace sync with IDEs like Eclipse, IDEA etc. for platform generated code customization
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app security

  • Single sign-on support across apps and external systems
  • Declarative role-based access control for app runtime
  • Platform developer role management and access control
  • Protection against Top 10 OWASP web app vulnerabilities
  • Support for enterprise auditing and logging
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Integrated pipeline for
automated cloud release

  • 1-click deploy to any cloud platform or on-premise infrastructure
  • Full release integration with CI/CD pipelines
  • Separate configuration profiles for each deployment phase
  • Code quality
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Cloud-native architecture
for massive scale

  • Cloud-native architecture supporting massive application scaling
  • Docker container powered deployment to cloud providers & Kubernetes environment
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The Open Low-code Platform

WaveMaker empowers enterprise application teams with a high-productivity platform to modernize applications and foster innovation. Using WaveMaker’s low-code platform, tens of thousands of developers have built web & mobile apps with open standards and modern architecture.

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Deliver apps 67% faster with visual development, easy integration, and instant deployment


Deploy your applications anywhere – public cloud, private cloud or on-premises infrastructure


Open source runtime, proven frameworks and technologies for complete vendor independence


Composable architecture based on microservices, APIs, reusable components and containerization

Enterprise grade

Proven platform with robust security and support SLAs from a trusted partner

Best Value

High productivity gain coupled with transparent pricing for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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