How WaveMaker low-code
aligns with platform builder needs

platform builder
Modern differentiated
user experiences

Build custom apps with pixel-perfect UX easily customized for individual needs

platform builder
Persona driven

Create role-based studio interface for professional developers or citizen developers

platform builder
Ready-made API
Leverage WaveMaker’s API-driven architecture to build specific services for your needs
platform builder
Integration with 3rd
party API vendors
Easily mashup APIs and create reusable components
platform builder
Secure enterprise
production deployment

1-click deployment to containers without delays during repeated security compliance audits

WaveMaker solutions
for software platform builders


Re-platform legacy applications with WaveMaker, while leveraging existing components, skills, and assets.


Expand customer base with industry-specific solutions built on horizontal capabilities with modern architecture and extreme customizability.


Build user-centric custom studios for your end users, to help them achieve not just speed, but also a sustainable competitive advantage through differentiated solutions.

Why platform builders choose

We are uncompromising when it comes to architectural principles
Components with configurable caching, pagination, filtering etc.

Composable APIs from underlying services and entities

Microservices with API-driven development

Containers & cloud infrastructure for deployment

We believe security is in-built
at all application layers

Platform-driven automatic upgrades, free from security vulnerabilities

Declarative configuration to fine-tune compliance levels

Authorization with RBAC for all application components 

Protection against Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities

We look at scale in tandem with the right user experience

App sizing and performance testing

Proactive monitoring of various app services and infrastructure

User-centric error messaging and responsive app feedback

Auto-scaling and leveraging elasticity of cloud infrastructure

We rely on open standards & frameworks

Open standards-based code generation for all app layers

Mature & proven frameworks that have evolved over time

Industry adopted practices & toolsets

Seamless integration with existing systems

Our experience with
software platform builders