How Banking Software Vendors Can Take a Composable Approach to Stay Relevant

Modernizing monoliths is a thing of the past. To stay relevant banking software vendors need to take a composable approach to software development.

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Low-code as a strategic tool for enterprise applications

Enterprises are looking at new ways to augment innovation and digital transformation. A low-code platform is a strategic tool in the IT tool chest that allows enterprises to innovate faster and efficiently. In this whitepaper, we look at the top reasons why.

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Hyper-customizable banking solutions with low-code

In order to offer differentiated solutions to the customer, banks and financial institutions need hyper-customized applications. In this whitepaper, we talk about how low-code can help deliver hyper-customizable solutions for banking customers with ease.

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Modernizing insurance industry with digital-ready smart solutions

This solution brief focusses on the insurance industry and explains how to modernize Insurance industry applications with digital-ready smart solutions, with reduced costs. Low-code platforms can help build innovative applications for the insurance industry.

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Make Oracle Forms apps limitless with low-code

There are numerous challenges associated with modernization of Oracle Form applications to web/mobile applications. Read this whitepaper to know how we can migrate/modernize Oracle Forms-based applications with the help of WaveMaker low-code with speed.

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Make migration to microservices meaningful

Enterprise architecture has evolved from monolithic structure to Service Oriented Architecture and is progressively moving towards microservices. In this E-book, we look at how we can make migration to microservices easy and meaningful with the help of low-code.

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