Application modernization using low-code platforms

Legacy applications form the backbone of many enterprises; yet, they are holding organizations back from leveraging new digital technologies – such as cloud, IoT, ML and mobile. This whitepaper discusses the strategy for application modernization with low-code.

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App modernization – debunking popular myths

Ranging from general organizational impedance to change to wrong expectations of vendor products and technology, standard prescriptions to modernization have created many myths. Here’s busting the top six myths of modernization.

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WaveMaker RAD vs traditional application development

Read this white paper to know about how WaveMaker RAD platform, with its unique delivery methodology, can not only enable faster development but also saves time, money and effort. Find out how how low-code fares against traditional development methodologies.

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Paving the way for modern enterprise app delivery

Low-code Platforms are emerging as key enablers to innovation by simplifying the development and deployment of custom enterprise apps. In this e-book, find out how you can create an innovation sandbox with low-code platforms

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WaveMaker Rapid Low-Code Development Platform

If you are curious about all WaveMaker features, learn all you need to know about the platform, in this data sheet. Find out about WaveMaker features ,the technology stack that it supports and the latest version updates.

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10 point checklist to evaluate a RAD platform

Low-code RAD platforms is the platform of choice for enterprises to create modern web and mobile applications. We have collated the best features as a checklist that will help evaluate a RAD platform for your enterprise. Check it out!

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