How can Enterprises create App Ecosystems using APIs

As the API Economy grows, every Enterprise is asking itself – how do we leverage our APIs to extend the reach of our business? What do we need to go from having an API to creating a viable app ecosystem around our APIs? We will explore how Enterprises can create both internal as well as external ecosystems around their APIs. We will look into the lifecycle of Create, Publish, Manage, Consume, Monitor and Monetize on your APIs.


  • APIs – The State of the Union
  • Enterprise need for APIs
  • API Management Lifecycle
  • WaveMaker Gateway – Built for the Enterprise
  • Demo of WaveMaker Gateway

Recording & Presentation


MAYUR SHAH – Senior Product Manager
Mayur’s expertise in middleware and software architecture at BEA Systems, Cisco and Informatica, before joining the WaveMaker team, helps him in being deeply technical and honest in communication. Mayur has experience working with several successful enterprise CIOs, software decision makers and architects, bringing business and technical strengths.

SANDEEP NANAJKAR – Senior Director of Engineering
Over 15 years of experience in building highly scalable products using 3-tier architecture, Sandeep has developed great skill in building complex systems and integrating them to deliver together. Particularly, his experience with data modeling and data generation technologies helped in the making of API Success Suite.

Questions and Feedback

Can WaveMaker Gateway be set up within my enterprise data center as on on-premise setup?
Yes, WaveMaker Gateway can be set up as a VM within the Enterprise infrastructure. Enterprises can integrate Gateway with on-premise systems such as Active directory, Legacy Systems and Database systems in order to expose APIs.
How are APIs secured using WaveMaker Gateway?
WaveMaker Gateway supports OAuth 2.0 and supports OAuth Provider for Enterprises to secure its APIs. Using Gateway, enterprises can front end their APIs with
OAuth security.
What API publishing standards specifications does WaveMaker support?
WaveMaker supports all the major standards for API publishing. Enterprises can publish APIs using Swagger, API BluePrint, RAML as well as WADL.
Can WaveMaker be used for internal API Management?
Yes WaveMaker is designed and priced to fit very well internal API Management requirements.
What types of apps can I develop using the published APIs?
Using the published APIs on WaveMaker Gateway, application developers can develop custom web, mobile applications. Also, using WaveMaker Studio, developers get a Rapid Application (drag-and-drop) Development approach to developing apps at a quicker pace.
How is WaveMaker Gateway priced?
While most of the API Management products are priced ( #API calls) for the consumer web, WaveMaker API Gateway is priced on fixed annual fee calculated on API endpoints published.  Contact us with your requirements to discuss API Management and pricing.
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