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Our Offering:

Transform your banking platform


Secure and scalable consumer-grade experiences, while cutting cost and


Customers to a self-serve model with quick on-boarding and easy customizations


Legacy products and applications to modern web and mobile, fast


New ecosystem creation, white label low-code studio for app and citizen developers

Our Credentials: Recent work

A Fortune 500 financial services company with more than 50,000 employees was looking for a financial application development platform to quickly onboard banks in different geographies with complex compliance requirements. Customization was difficult on their existing financial app development platform. They needed a solution that could easily consume their platform APIs and deliver a highly differentiated brand and banking experience.

PoCs showed 80% less coding than hand-crafting

Seamless deployment to AWS in one-click from WM studio

Consumer banking application rolled out after a 3-month agile project run

Downstream solutions built using the plug-n-play model for bank customers

A 65-year old, California-based credit scoring and financial data analysis company with global presence, was looking for a platform that could improve the time-to-market for products with end-user customizations which also needed to be in line with geo-based financial regulations. Cost of vendor-driven customizations had to be controlled and product rollouts needed proper management.

Complex Loan origination product re-platformed in a 9-month project run

End-user efforts to customize loan offerings reduced, ensuring better CX

Self-service and lending experience personalized for over 1,500+ banks

Modern-stack built with a multi-tenant, cloud-ready solution

A Netherlands-based social security bank striving for a sustainable system, was looking for a fintech application development platform to transform several of its portals and products from .NET stack and Silverlight, while leveraging the significant existing investment in SQL server membership-based security. In-house expertise was needed because of government regulations with infrastructure limited to on-premise (behind the firewalls).

All 6 core business applications migrated in 18 months

Scalable customer facing apps built with web front-ends

Regulations-compliant security and system integrations achieved

Smooth transition from .Net to Java with minimal intervention & dev training

The WaveMaker Advantage:
Why we win

Application Modernization

Built-in security, scalability and accessibility ingrained with industry best practices and modern architectural choices with an open tech stack

No run-time and
maintenance costs

Pricing solely based on developer seats, designed to enable easy scaling of projects even as apps become more complex

Deploy any stack,

Deployment to infrastructure combination of choice and auto containerized applications, managed via Kubernetes


Customizable code across the complete stack. Easy extension, extraction ,and customization of business code.dd stunning/ features easily

Hi-fidelity UI with
logical controls

Consumer-grade experiences with maximum flexibility for developers to embed custom logic

Fully customizable
low-code studio

Custom widgets with control for developer roles, further customizable for re-branded studio experiences

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