July 9, 2024

WaveMaker at FIS Emerald 2024: Highlights

Authored by Suneetha Uppalapati - Lead - Enterprise Transformation, Americas, WaveMaker, Inc.

We’re thrilled to have been part of the FIS Emerald 2024 event, a gathering for fintech leaders and innovators. Our presence was marked by engaging interactions, fruitful networking, and enthusiastic responses to our low-code platform, paving the way for exciting future collaborations.

The FIS Emerald event is known for its networking opportunities, and this year was no exception. Having attended for several years, this was our debut as exhibitors, which allowed us to maximize our interactions. As sponsors with our own kiosk, we were at the heart of the action. Our team engaged with a diverse array of industry professionals, from senior product managers, engineering and sales executives to innovative fintech startups. These interactions provided us with in-depth perspective of the latest industry trends and allowed us to showcase how WaveMaker can be a catalyst for digital transformation.

Executive leadership from several leading banks showed a keen interest in exploring our platform further. Our demo and discussions with participants offered valuable insights into how WaveMaker's enterprise capabilities can fulfill their requirements for speed, customization, and productivity.


Banks keen on developing custom solutions with low-code + AI

One of the most exciting outcomes of our participation was the strong interest from banking companies in co-developing custom solutions with WaveMaker. These institutions recognized the value of our platform in addressing their unique challenges and were eager to explore partnerships. The concept of rapid, low-code development resonated well with them, as they saw it as a way to stay competitive and agile in a fast-evolving market.

The event not only strengthened our existing relationships but also laid the groundwork for new collaborations. The interest in co-development and bespoke solutions was a clear indicator of the trust and confidence that industry leaders place in WaveMaker. We are excited about the prospect of working closely with these institutions to deliver innovative solutions that meet their specific needs.

Stay tuned to our website for more updates and upcoming collaborations!