Services provider 3i infotech standardizes WaveMaker RAD Platform

Global IT Products and Services Provider 3i Infotech Standardizes on the WaveMaker RAD Platform.

Mountain View, CA. – Marketwired April 12, 2017 – WaveMaker Inc., a leading enterprise Rapid Application Development Platform company, today announced that 3i Infotech, the India-based global information technology company with over 1,000 customers in more than 50 countries across five continents, has included WaveMaker RAD in a major upgrade of its Premia® platform. Premia® provides a powerful suite of tools for insurance operations, from underwriting, to claims processing, to financial accounting. The dynamic, bilingual, multi-currency platform dramatically cuts costs and time-to-market for new applications. With Premia®, insurance companies around the world are developing and customizing applications for home, life, automobile and other forms of insurance.

Using WaveMaker, 3i Infotech has completed or upgraded a range of applications, and rolled out modern, responsive multi-channel portals that seamlessly integrate with 3i Infotech’s flagship Premia® CORE platform.

“We chose WaveMaker to improve our Premia® insurance management software in usability, discover-ability and aesthetics,” said Snehal Desai, Global Pre-Sales Head for 3i Infotech. “WaveMaker helps 3i Infotech deliver a superior user experience.” He added that WaveMaker allows the company to make iterative improvements rapidly, eliminating the need to develop and recompile code in the Premia® code base, which could entail months of development time.

According to Mr. Desai, WaveMaker has also enabled insurance company policy holders to reduce time and effort in completing reports and filing claims within their Premia®-based applications, while reducing training time for insurance agents by more than 40 percent. 3i Infotech also used WaveMaker to implement security improvements, such as creating token keys and conducting vulnerability testing aimed at preventing breaches.

“In our research across markets, app developers are telling us that continuous application upgrades are the key to establishing market differentiation,” said Vijay Pullur, CEO of WaveMaker. “Quite simply, the customer experience is becoming the driving factor in establishing customer preference, all else being equal. Code revs can no longer consume months in any highly competitive marketplace. Code today is upgraded by iterations that must be completed in as little as a day — and developers have accepted RAD as their tool of preference for meeting that objective.”

Other insurance and financial services firms also benefit from use of the WaveMaker platform. For more information and case studies on WaveMaker offerings for the insurance industry, or to request a demo.

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