New Software for Application Platform as a Service Allows Business Users to Build Apps Quickly and Deploy Apps Efficiently

Mountain View, Calif. – Sept. 16, 2014 – WaveMaker, Inc., a leading RAD software company, today announced WaveMaker Enterprise, licensed software that enables organizations to run their own end-to-end application platform as a service (aPaaS) for rapidly building and efficiently running custom apps. WaveMaker Enterprise is the only commercially available rapid API app development and deployment (RAADD) software integrated with a Docker container-architected aPaaS. WaveMaker Enterprise adds middleware and its Docker-architected PaaS to extend WaveMaker Studio, the company’s free open-source development platform, which has garnered over two million downloads and 30,000 loyal users around the world.

Now, with WaveMaker Enterprise, enterprises can foster agility and innovation by enabling instant, end-to-end custom web app creation and management by professional and non-professional developers and development teams. It enables developers and business users to work with standard enterprise-grade technologies to immediately create apps that can be easily extended or customized. Those apps can consume APIs, visualize data for insights, and automatically support multi-device responsive interfaces. At the same time, WaveMaker Enterprise enables IT to optimize and improve management of its app infrastructure by providing a GUI console and capabilities that leverage the power of Docker containerization.

For years, enterprises have faced increasing competition, change, and regulation. Now, they also have to satisfy demanding, “consumerized” employees and social-media-empowered customers. To thrive in this environment, companies need agility, democratized decision-making, and innovation—and they need custom apps that implement their new ideas. But building and running custom multi-device apps is difficult, due to limitations of budget, time, skill sets, and other resources. Too often, apps get stuck in the IT queue while valuable time is lost.

WaveMaker Enterprise solves this challenge: it enables business users and developers to bypass that queue by building and running custom apps on their CIO-sanctioned infrastructure, avoiding “shadow IT” problems; and it helps IT departments manage those custom enterprise apps. WaveMaker Enterprise supports hybrid environments so that organizations can deploy apps in the public cloud or on private infrastructure, and deploy containers on top of virtual machines or on bare metal. Easy click-to-deploy and release management workflows mean that very little deployment or operations expertise is necessary to get a custom app up and running.

“The creation and delivery of custom enterprise apps hasn’t changed in decades, so enterprises can’t effectively meet today’s demand for greater agility, flexibility, and support for multiple devices,” said Samir Ghosh, CEO of WaveMaker. “We offer a dramatic change from previous approaches, even aPaaS. Ours is the first aPaaS software specifically developed for enterprises to run their own Docker-architected aPaaS and optimize cloud and multi-device custom app delivery—from rapid development through ongoing management on their private infrastructure or a public cloud.”

“The power of abstraction is that it drives agility, simplicity, and innovation,” said Stephen Hendrick, principal analyst for application development and deployment research at ESG. “Modern approaches to Platform-as-a-Service, such as those from WaveMaker, leverage open-source capabilities such as Docker, AngularJS, Hibernate, and PhoneGap to craft a well-abstracted platform for application development, deployment, and operations.  This strategy yields a platform that is effective at developing sophisticated applications that can be deployed easily and quickly while supporting enterprise needs for security, lifecycle management, and application management.”

“I’m not a programmer, but with WaveMaker I built and deployed an application that replaces a manual process,” said Pieter Heesterbeek, general manager and owner, at De Katjang B.V., a food processing company in the Netherlands. “Employees used to have to write up labels with codes—for order selection, best-before dates, and so on—but that took time and errors occurred. Now with this app—my app—we can get the process done much more quickly and accurately.”

Build your own: end-to-end custom app enablement

WaveMaker Enterprise is an end-to-end custom app enablement software platform that empowers organizations to deliver their own RAADD aPaaS. It builds on the success of WaveMaker Studio, WaveMaker’s free, open-source development platform, and WaveMaker Cloud, a Docker container-architected PaaS running thousands of apps across more than 90 countries.

Developers embraced WaveMaker Studio, but after developing their apps, they faced deployment issues. Many enterprises do not want their data or apps running in a public cloud, but setting up a private cloud is very complex. WaveMaker Enterprise provides the missing link by offering IT an easy, economical, and powerful way to run apps on its own private infrastructure. A layer on top of existing infrastructure further optimizes virtual machines, hardware and other resources to run app workloads.

“We initially built the PaaS portion of WaveMaker Enterprise so we could run thousands of our users’ custom apps,” said Ghosh. “We achieved significant results ourselves, including 30 times greater VM density and 50-100 times performance gains – all of which resulted in reducing  costs up to 80 percent compared to traditional approaches.”

WaveMaker Enterprise includes multiple features for application deployment automation, app lifecycle management, release management, deployment workflow, and access rights. The unique development capabilities of WaveMaker Enterprise include:

  • Rapid app development using WYSIWYG drag and drop—plus the ability to edit generated code
  • Auto-responsive apps for web, tablet, and smartphone interfaces
  • Enterprise-standard technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, JQuery
  • Easy API integration and reusable API “Prefab” modules
  • Team collaboration capabilities including version control, shared projects, and activity feeds

WaveMaker Enterprise combines these with powerful container management capabilities provided on top of Docker for:

  • Accessibility: an easy-to-use GUI portal in addition to Docker-provided APIs and CLI
  • Manageability: including software stack packaging, container provisioning, stack and app upgrading, replication, fault tolerance, and similar capabilities, all from the GUI console
  • Optimization: autoscaling and elasticity, automatic hibernation and restarting of idle apps in milliseconds
  • Flexibility: private deployment of aPaaS on-premises or dedicated cloud; ability to test and run apps behind the firewall

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Unique free trial offer
To provide adequate time for larger teams to try out team capabilities, WaveMaker is offering a special type of free trial: each registered user from an organization can get a 30-day free trial; so if an organization has 10 users, it can effectively have a 300-day trial period. Developers and business users from enterprises can easily sign up for an online trial of WaveMaker Enterprise by visiting and providing a work email address. IT departments can also request demos of WaveMaker Enterprise in order to evaluate the PaaS management and optimization capabilities.

About WaveMaker, Inc.
WaveMaker, Inc. is a portfolio company of Pramati Technologies, and this announcement builds on the company’s success with WaveMaker Studio (acquired from VMware in 2013), which has more than two million downloads and 30,000 loyal users around the world. WaveMaker has thousands of apps from more than 90 countries running on its Docker management platform, which provides virtualization at the operating system level.  For more information, visit, or like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or connect with us on LinkedIn.

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