May 1, 2013

Pramati Acquires WaveMaker

It is my pleasure to announce that as of May 1, 2013, Pramati, a software technology firm that offers its customers products and services for software development, especially for Java and cloud platforms, has acquired certain assets of WaveMaker from VMware.

Founded in 1998, Pramati is a software engineering company with over 600 skilled engineers that has a long heritage in Java development. Over the years they have been recognized by Gartner and other respected names as a leader in Java technologies. Pramati’s stated goal is to provide its customers with fast, flexible, and easy-to-use Java development tools that can help them rapidly build enterprise applications and take advantage of business opportunities in fast-moving markets. As part of this goal, Pramati will continue to support all WaveMaker users and customers.

Michael and I have been helping the Pramati engineers get up to speed with the WaveMaker code base as they prepare to take over the management of the WaveMaker project and this website. We are excited to welcome Samir, Deepak, and the entire CloudJee team to the WaveMaker community.

Our sincere thanks for everyone's support, business, and interest in WaveMaker over the years. We are confident that WaveMaker and its awesome community are in very good hands with Pramati.

All the best,