WaveMaker enhances its low-code platform for high-impact modernization

WaveMaker 10 offers the most advanced low-code platform, providing top-notch application performance, a hybrid coding experience, and robust security capabilities.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 28, 2018: WaveMaker, Inc., the leading low-code powered modernization platform, today released WaveMaker 10, its enhanced platform for enterprises seeking high-impact returns from their modernization and digital transformation projects.

This latest edition of the WaveMaker platform leverages a new front-end technology stack to deliver greater application performance, advanced tools to facilitate developer productivity and collaboration, enhanced security and accessibility, and a built-in artifact repository for accelerated development.

“WaveMaker 10 underlines our ongoing commitment to helping enterprise IT teams capitalize on the cutting edge of low-code innovation,” said Vijay Pullur, CEO of WaveMaker. “Enterprises remain competitive by effectively combining the latest technologies with their unique application development and deployment environments. Our open standards-based low-code platform allows enterprise developers to leverage the speed of low-code with control over custom coding capability.”

WaveMaker 10 offers:

A highly-advanced application stack  Angular 7: Developers can leverage Angular 7, the industry's most robust and scalable web front-end technology, to build responsive web and mobile apps. These applications have greater performance and efficiency, type safety, and modern User Experience.

Enhanced Developer Productivity & Collaboration: A new IDE synchronization feature offers a unique developer experience where programmers can mix and match Java code written in their favorite IDEs, like Eclipse or Intellij, with low-code platform components. This way, WaveMaker 10 provides sophisticated, granular customization capabilities to enterprise application development teams.

The new platform also introduces an integrated artifact repository where developers can share reusable application elements like service prefabs, templates, themes, and data models. Such collaborative features promote standardization, consistency, and reuse-driven productivity to streamline large enterprise modernization and digital transformation projects.

As WaveMaker expands its developer base across global IT teams, the platform also now allows localization in a regional language, positioning teams of enterprise developers across multiple language zones to build applications more collaboratively and productively.

Increased Enterprise Security and Accessibility: As more and more enterprise IT teams go cloud native, they are seeking fine-grained user controls to reduce security vulnerabilities. In response, WaveMaker 10 can create multiple developer personas with unique permission sets, enabling teams to have specialized roles in the modernized application. Authentication and Single Sign-on capabilities utilize OpenID mechanisms, and all WaveMaker 10 applications are protected from OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities to ensure greater security against threats and malicious injections. WaveMaker 10 applications also support Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, making them more accessible to users with disabilities.

“The latest version of WaveMaker has given our application modernization efforts a fillip by helping us leapfrog to the latest Angular 7 stack. This release not only helps us to go to market faster but also greatly helps future-proof our low-code technology investments,” said Hans Don, Director of Software Development at Vanenburg Software.

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