Yource accelerates digital transformation with WaveMaker

Leader in customer contact in Benelux adopts WaveMaker to digitalize its internal processes with increased acceleration in development time.

The Company



Business Process Outsourcing


Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands 


Yource is a leader in customer contact (Business Process Outsourcing) headquartered in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Yource does inbound and outbound campaigns through multiple channels and provides its services to many European regions such as the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg), Spain, Suriname, Maroc, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece.

Yource is a well-known European market leader in company contact and also builds contact support tools like voice bots, RPA, and speech analytics. They are a growing force in the customer contact business with over 12000 professionals spread across the Benelux and European regions.

Yource is a technology-first company and has always displayed a willingness to use cutting-edge technologies for its business.  On its path of complete digital transformation, Yource was looking for a development platform that could provide a secure environment and enable a faster development time to build applications for its internal processes. Not surprisingly, they have been a low-code user and a WaveMaker client since 2019 and have successfully implemented critical internal applications with low-code. 

Why WaveMaker - Code customization & the need for flexibility

Freek Weijtens, director of IT at the Yource Group gives us further insights on how low-code has been a game changer for their organization.

When asked about their development processes, Freek opined that they chose WaveMaker low-code a couple of years ago because of the flexibility that it offered in terms of customizing code.

Freek says, “The advantage of WaveMaker is that you can combine the code in WaveMaker with your own code”.

Simply put, they zeroed in on WaveMaker for the flexibility it offers through custom code and the speed with which it could deliver simple to complex applications. This kind of flexibility, in their opinion, gives developers sufficient freedom and space within the tool to get the best of both worlds.

Best value for money in comparison with all the low-code solutions.

Freek Weijtens, IT Director,

Results - Reaping the benefits of low-code

At Yource, low-code adoption started off with simple implementations, it has now taken wings and has expanded into an enterprise-wide adoption of low-code. Over the past three years since Yource adopted WaveMaker, the platform has been intensively used within the organization for internal process digitalization and over 17 applications have been built on WaveMaker (WaveMaker Online as well as WaveMaker Enterprise).

Mulling over the reasons why low-code is so widely successful in his organization, Freek feels that WaveMaker has given them three distinct advantages:


WaveMaker without a doubt has accelerated the time to market for all the applications built within Yource on low-code. An application that would typically take months to build, is now being delivered within a few weeks. In fact, Freek estimates that the development time has been shortened by around 30% which in turn frees up their development capacity and accelerates their time to market.

So this saves on development capacity. But more important; it is that our time to market is shorter so that we can help our customers and our operations with continuous improvements at a higher speed.


Yource has multiple teams doing disparate functions across the enterprise. With a vast team of developers and varied sets of skills, comes a strong need for standardization of development. WaveMaker enables all developers across Yource to use a standardized process and methodology to develop applications. This way, there is no time lost in knowledge transitions and workloads can be easily transferred between the team members. 


Yource like any other organization is deeply concerned about cybercrimes, data breaches, and intrusions into its network. Creating secure apps in secure environments is at the top of their priority list. With Veracode-certified code and security best practices imbibed into the platform, WaveMaker provides Yource with a secure environment to build apps.

 As Freek puts it, “WaveMaker cares for secure app development”. This inherent faith that they have in the platform enables them to focus on larger tasks at hand.


Applications built with low-code

From web portals to mobile applications, Yource has used WaveMaker across the enterprise with fantastic results. For instance, the Coins application, a rewards program for Yource employees built on WaveMaker allows employees to exchange collected coins with show tickets or gift coupons. Similarly, there are apps that help employees mentor and advise other employees on their jobs. Many such applications have been built on low-code.

Let’s have a look at a few:

The main Yource App is an internal mobile application built with WaveMaker. It has been live and running successfully for 2+ years now and is a constant and reliable source of information for all its employees. However, Yource is migrating this application to a standardized product built for companies to communicate with their employees via desktop and mobile apps. What is remarkable here, is that they are able to transition faster by simply migrating all WaveMaker components to this portal with simple API calls. 

Seamless integration with custom components on an external platform is something that not all low-code platforms can provide. Components built on WaveMaker can be reused and integrated into other applications with ease, providing greater flexibility and ease of migration. This demonstrates the efficacy of the composable model of software development that WaveMaker believes in. 

Continue Dialogue is a complex web application with more than 15 screens, complex graphs, report generation, integrated RBAC, and interacts with MySQL for data. It is mainly used by HR Managers to review employee performance and is used to capture conversations between employees and managers. With an expected user base of 10000+ people (all of Yource), this application is a prime example of how applications built on WaveMaker can easily scale up to a large number of users over a period of time, without causing any disruption.

Guard Duty Shift is a complex internal web application for on-call service used by the IT team. The application manages the shift schedules of IT members who provide on-call support. The app also sends out automated emails to employees and agents. What’s more, the telephone system is directly linked to this app.

Quality is an intranet application that allows evaluating an agent’s performance after every customer interaction. The evaluator fills out a form based on the agent’s performance and the application stores the data in the MySQL database.

Floor Content System is a content management system exclusively used for recruitment. The page is dynamic such that the job content can be created, edited, and deleted by the agents themselves.

From simple to complex apps, WaveMaker is seeing diverse use cases across the enterprise. With increased adoption, WaveMaker is going from strength to strength and it is proving to be the go-to platform for developers across Yource.

What's around the corner? - Future initiatives

In the future, Yource plans to move all its internal data onto the cloud and embrace cloud-first technologies that will give it a competitive edge. In this context, choosing WaveMaker as an app development platform is a step in the right direction. Since everything is or going to be cloud-based, Yource is contemplating using WaveMaker Online largely, since it aligns well with its transition to the cloud and complete digital transformation. Also, Yource considers apps built on WaveMaker Online to be extensively scalable and customizable.


Yource considers WaveMaker as a trustworthy app development platform for the flexibility of code customization that it offers, the secure environment that is built in, and the unparalleled speed that it provides. Being a cloud-native platform, WaveMaker is a glove-in-hand fit for Yource’s future ambitions of transitioning into the cloud completely. 

Yource has been using WaveMaker for the past 3 years and has developed close to 17 tools with low-code. As the customer base grows and the need for automating internal processes arise, Yource has its vision set on using low-code as the go-to tool for rapid and flexible app development. 

Yource is leading the way in digitally transforming itself into a modern, connected, and technology-driven company by using sleek technology platforms, one of which is low-code to name. With lean teams delivering superior quality applications in shorter delivery times, Yource is a happy customer, with WaveMaker providing them as Freek puts it “ The best value for money”.