Everyone wins with WaveMaker

App Developers

Automatic Multi-Device Support
Reusable and Modular Development
Zero DevOps Deployment
Easily Extend and Customize Code

Technical Business Users

WYSIWYG, Drag & Drop Development
IT-accepted Enterprise Technologies
Build Apps for Any Device
One-Click Test and Run


Speed Innovation via Rapid Delivery
Based on Enterprise Standards
Leverage Cloud Benefits Easily
No Vendor Lock-in

Explore Benefits

We saw a tremendous productivity gain using WaveMaker — we can build apps 67% faster with 98% less code!- Mike Onders, SVP Information Services, National City Bank
We have been using WaveMaker for years... We already use all the underlying technologies, i.e. Spring, Hibernate, Bootstrap, Angular, but WaveMaker cuts the development time and cost into a small fraction. The only RAD tool we have seen with full control, the possibilities are endless.- Kelly Ferrone, Co-Owner, SLConnected, LLC
It's stunning… You're really really onto something…. I never thought I would be able to use a rapid application development tool to create a sophisticated Cloud Management Portal.- Dave Durkee, ENKI Corp. Enterprise Cloud, California
Our ISV and enterprise customers want speed and choice. WaveMaker is the only web and cloud development platform that is based on open standards. It gives our customers tremendous flexibility in how and where to deploy their applications.- Rajat Bhakhri, President and CEO, Aeturnum - Speeding Innovation
Having the latest version of Hibernate, and having Angular JS, modernized D3 charts, integrated data model designer, choice of HQL or SQL for queries etc., the list of cool features in new WaveMaker is very long indeed. Thanks WM7.1 team. You guys are great.- Chandana Weerakoon, Healthcare Industry, Australia
The latest WaveMaker is freaking amazing – Goodbye PB (Power Builder)… I think WaveMaker has caught up to PB in productivity, and passed Visual Studio a while ago…WaveMaker is beyond the making sample applications- Rich Bianco, Network Engineer, Energy/Utilities Company

Ready for Enterprises

Enterprise developer network

Share project with other developers at your company. Add vendor and consultant contributors by authorizing external domains or email addresses. Publish your application’s APIs on your network and explore APIs that others have shared.

Integrate with enterprise systems

Setup inside your firewall and deploy to private cloud or infrastructure. Seamless integration with on-premise core IT Systems such as Identity Management, Version Control, Email, Notification Systems, and monitoring systems.


Generates code that is standards compliant without any proprietary dependencies. Enable business users to quickly build applications. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in with standards compliant code and open technologies.

Open Technologies. No Lock-in.


Ready for Mobile

Build hybrid mobile apps

Create hybrid mobile apps that are ready to be distributed through iOS and Android app stores. Behind the scenes, we use Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) to generate the app packages.

Access native capabilities

Access camera, GPS and other native capabilities of the phone to create near native experiences at a fraction of the cost and time.

Build responsive web apps

Even the web applications you build are responsive automatically. Widgets and layouts automatically resize based on the resolution of the device.

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