WaveMaker Online

Support Policy

WaveMaker Support Policy for WaveMaker online customers

This document applies to all online customers with a valid and active subscription of the WaveMaker platform.

1. Support Obligations: This policy details WaveMaker’s Support Services obligations to the WaveMaker online customers.

2. Incident Reporting: The Technical Support Contacts may report Incidents by the following means, during their active subscription period:

    1. E-Mail: The support email provided to the Company and not the personal email ID of any person at WaveMaker.
      All forms of Incident reports can be tracked through email or the WaveMaker Support Portal.

3. Incident Classification: Company shall reasonably determine the priority level of Incident, as per the following definitions:

1CriticalProduction system is fully down or there is substantial loss of service that impacts work. The situation can be described as an emergency.
2MajorImportant features are unavailable causing major impact although restricted operation is possible. Some or all users may be affected.
3MinorMinor loss of service causing inconvenience, but no loss of data when functionality is restored; a workaround may fix the error at least temporarily.
4QuestionInformation request or clarification on a function or newly deployed feature; no loss of service is experienced.

An incident in turn might result in a Software Error and may need a Software Fix by the product engineering team delivering the Software.

4. Response: If a Software Error has been corrected in a Minor Release, Company must implement the applicable Minor Release within a 3-month period. If such Software Error has not been corrected in a Minor Release, the Software Fix may be provided in the form of a temporary fix, procedure or routine, to be used until a Minor Release containing the correction is available. While not making a guaranty or warranty, WaveMaker will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Software Error reports within 1 business day.

5. Technical Support Availability: WaveMaker provides technical support from its global Technical Assistance Center (TAC) based out of India during the Normal Business Hours (10:00am – 7:00pm)

6. Conditions for Providing Support: WaveMaker’s obligation to provide Support Services is conditioned upon the following: (a) Company makes reasonable efforts to correct the Software Error after consulting with WaveMaker; (b) Company provides WaveMaker with sufficient information and resources in timely manner to correct the Software Error at WaveMaker’s customer support center, and any additional software involved in discovering the Software Error; and (c) Company procures, installs and maintains all equipment, telephone lines, communication interfaces and other hardware necessary to operate the Software and allow WaveMaker to provide the Support Services. If Company requests that any Support Services be provided onsite, Company shall compensate WaveMaker on a time and materials basis at WaveMaker’s then-current rates for performing such Support Services.

7. Exclusions from WaveMaker’s Support Services: WaveMaker is not obligated to provide Support Services in the following situations: (a) the Software has been changed, modified or damaged (except if under the direct supervision of WaveMaker); (b) the Software Error is caused by Company’s negligence, hardware malfunction or other causes beyond the reasonable control of WaveMaker; (c) the Software Error is caused by third party software not licensed through or supported by WaveMaker; (d) Company has not upgraded the Software to the latest available version of WaveMaker

8. Releases Supported: WaveMaker shall have no obligation to support or maintain any version of the Software except (i) the then most current Release of the Software (the “Current Release”), (ii) the Release immediately preceding the Current Release, and (iii) any Release first released in the twelve (12) months preceding any request for support.

9. Termination of Support Services: To the extent Company does not move the Software from a currently unsupported bundle to a bundle currently supported by WaveMaker, WaveMaker reserves the right to discontinue the Support Services.

10.Types of Support Services offered: WaveMaker provides Standard support option with WaveMaker online which is useful for teams that could work on mainly email -based support from a WaveMaker Technical Assistance Center (TAC) during Normal Business Hours.

The table below provides features of  Standard Support option.

Facility/FeatureStandard Support
Incident reportingDesignated Support Contacts may report all incidents through Email support address provided by WaveMaker
Designated Support contacts1
Incidents10 per month
Response time1 business day