Studio Patching & Tablet Sneak Peek

April 4, 2012

Did you know that you can quickly and easily apply Studio patches between releases? From Studio’s file menu, choose ‘modify studio’ and then ‘upload studio patches’. ‘Load patches’ will automatically import any patches that have been published for that release. Finally, ‘apply’ the update and you are good to go.  Yes, the applied patches are included in any deployments too. It’s that easy.
Upload Studio Patches
Only select issues get loaded to studio patches. Those that the community should not have to build from source or wait for a release to benefit from. Also, studio patches are only for studio and JavaScript runtime issues. It does not address server side (e.g. Java) issues.

Since shipping WM 6.4.5, we’ve learned of two pretty important issues, WM-3852 and WM-3855. Both are significant enough that we have added fixes to studio patches. You can learn more about these issues on the forums, here and here.

Here in San Francisco, we are working towards getting the first milestone (fka devbuild) of 6.5 out to the community. With the source code now available on github, we’ve seen many more developers building Studio from source. It is great to see the community getting involved with WaveMaker at that level. To better aid those choosing to head down this path, we’ve made the 6.5 release notes available now instead of waiting until the devbuild, err, milestone is out.

There’s a lot of goodness in 6.5. However,  it is really exciting to easily build apps for the tablet so I wanted to share this image of the IssueCloud sample app ported to the tablet.  This is going to be good !

Until next time, keep coding.
WaveMaker 6.5 Application on a Tablet

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  1. This release will be a great release.

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