Accelerate digital transformation using low code platforms

The key priority for today’s business leaders is to transform their enterprises into digital business entities. Empowerment of employee innovation is a must to survive the business changes in the digital world.  Where do you want to start?  Welcome to the era of low code platforms that not only enable  the employee innovation process, but also let IT take control and lead the charge in employee empowerment.  In this webinar, I will take you through a quick tour of the digital reality and also a comprehensive demo of WaveMaker low-code platform.  


  • Digital transformation is a reality
  • Welcome to the era of low code platforms
  • Time for IT to take control and also enable employee innovation
  • Smart economics: save time, money and effort
  • Business transformation: business imperatives vs technology
  • Demo of how to build a business app using WaveMaker
  • Q&A


Karthick Viswanathan, Products-WaveMaker 
Products and marketing are core elements that define Karthick. He is happy to discuss in depth code level details and happily shifts focus in the next discussion to business and go to market strategies. Prior to WaveMaker, Karthick has occupied various roles in the world of engineering and product management at PegaSystems, IBM and Oracle. That gives him the ability to take decisions that considers both business and technology aspects.

Recording and presentation
Questions and Feedback

How does WaveMaker help in legacy app modernization ? In terms of dealing with complex oracle forms etc?
Using WaveMaker, legacy Oracle Forms Migration to Modern Web Based User Experience is a reality. WaveMaker using its unique drag and drop interface, enables creating modern responsive widgets that can easily bind to existing Oracle Forms Business logic. WaveMaker supports easy importing of existing database tables, queries, stored procedures and any other business logic that is written in existing Oracle Forms App. Overall using the platform, Enterprises get a well defined migration approach to moving from legacy client server or web based model to a modern responsive web based or mobile application.

What is the difference between WaveMaker Online and WaveMaker Enterprise ?
WaveMaker online is a cloud based PaaS platform. WaveMaker Enterprise is an on-premise version of the WM platform.

Can you connect to Mongo DB? What DBs are supported by WM?
We right now don’t support MongoDB. We support MySql, PostgreSql, DB2, MS Sql Server, Oracle and any other RDBMS that is compliant with HSQL

What is the minimum skill set for building apps on WaveMaker?
As such you would have seen in the demo that I have not written a single line of code. That is the expectation from our clients too by Wavemaker. But complex applications require customizations and little knowledge on Java and JavaScript can make it better.

What are the hosting solutions provided by WM?
We have a public cloud hosting as a part of the WaveMaker Online offering. We can also provide you a managed hosting service in a dedicated AWS instance for you. We also support Azure platform for hosting. We have a no vendor lockin philosophy that allows you to take the war and host it in any other platform of your choice including your own infrastructure.


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