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Create business apps on our popular cloud platform. No infrastructure procurement. No setup. Don’t waste time. Start building Apps from day one. Ideal for SMBs, Project Consultants and Enterprise work groups.

WaveMaker Online

Enterprise Software

Ideal for companies looking for on-premise software to develop and deploy their business apps.

WaveMaker Enterprise

WaveMaker Online (WMO)

The trusted RAD Tool for rapid development of responsive web and hybrid mobile apps.

Whether you are a software house building apps for your client or an agency designing new age prototypes or a small-to-medium business (SMB) building a business app, you need RAD tools that builds apps to lockin-free, wildly popular and open software stack that does not cost you money per-user on your running App. When your Apps need access to public API or get deployed on mobile devices, WaveMaker Online is very appropriate. WaveMaker 8 to be generally available (GA) by Sept 2015. Read more on why WaveMaker Online is awesome?

Online Trial

Free30 days
  • Full featured Free Trial
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Standard Support
  • Team Capabilities
  • Source Code Repository
  • Free Preview the Apps (only)
    Transition to other plans to Deploy Apps
  • NEW WaveMaker 8 Platform**


$500 /moper App
  • Extended trial, RFP Response
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Standard Support
  • Team Capabilities
  • Source Code Repository
  • Preview and 1-Click Deploy to
    Your Public Cloud
  • NEW WaveMaker 8 Platform**


$2,000 /yr*per App
  • Typical App development
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Standard Support
  • Team Capabilities
  • Source Code Repository
  • Preview and 1-Click Deploy to
    Your Public Cloud
  • NEW WaveMaker 8 Platform**

* A typical project involves a few months of intense development activity (“Development Phase”), followed by a longer period of smaller changes, fixes (“Maintenance Phase”). The deep discounting on Annual pricing reflects this reality.

Have a question on buying? Check FAQ here.

Who can signup for WMO?
Anyone with a verifiable email address can register for an account with WMO.

What does Trial offer?
WaveMakerOnline (WMO) hosts a Zero-DevOps trial version of WaveMaker Enterprise(WME) software, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) for responsive web and (beta) mobile optimized (Hybrid) App development. WMO provides a secure, private trial for your project. You can invite co-workers, designers (external agency, if used) as well as client (in case you are building the App on contract). WMO provides integrated experience that includes themes, templates (speed up commonly developed elements of your App), team collaboration, resource sharing (integration with source code control systems, such as your Github account), and single-click deploy (to your cloud account, such as Amazon AWS). Trial users are also offered, packaging mobile optimized Apps for use on devices (IOS or Android platforms) using Apache Cordova (PhoneGap service is built on this software). You can not only build apps that are invoked through tap on installed App on your device (phone or tablet), but also use popular device capabilities (such as camera, GPS, etc.).

What can I do when the trial period ends?
The trial period is for 30 days. During the trial period, one can invite as many others as appropriate to register at WMO and participate in your project.

After the trial period, you cannot continue developing and need to transition to a paid account. You will have 30 additional days to buy and reactivate your suspended account, after which you should not expect to login to WMO.

How can I pay for my WMO account?
Online payment for different plans (through credit card or Paypal account) is available. Either you could buy from inside WaveMaker Studio or outside through website. In case your client or purchasing department is paying for your development, they could do so at the website and forward the payment confirmation mail (create app link) to you for use.

One can buy for multiple projects (one App each), if they desire.

The yearly subscription costs much cheaper than multiple monthly subscriptions, not only as a volume discount, but also the expected nature of software projects, that typically consist of a few months of intensive use (development phase) followed by much long, low activity work (maintenance phase).

What about hosting my App?
WaveMaker Online (WMO) gives you complete freedom to choose your hosting service, unlike other Platform as a Service (PaaS providers or clouds).   We don’t mark up on your cloud or hosting charges with a pass-through, as you would directly open account with your hosting provider and pay bills directly, thereby utilizing offers and discounts offered by them due to constantly falling prices.

While that said, we make it convenient to deploy your application to hosting provider of your choice in two ways:

  1. Provide single-click deploy to popular cloud services (such as your account on Amazon AWS) and our Hosting partners (Please ask us, if you would like to see your cloud/hosting provider supported).
  2. Provide you a easy way to download a ready-to-deploy, packaged App (WAR file) that you can take out and host it anywhere you choose to.

Can I transition to a private installation (on-prem) of WaveMaker Enterprise?
Yes, we provide complete App portability between different editions of its RAD platform. So, an built using WMO (trial or paid) could be subsequently moved to WME on-prem installation. This enable easy trial (no installation hassle) online before making the purchase of WME.

7 Reasons why WaveMaker Online is awesome

Flexible Plans

Starter Pack for trial beyond 30-days. Plus Pack for your full-scale project with a short, intense Development phase and longer, continuous, smaller changes Maintenance phase. Move your App any time across packs with a single click.

Saves Money

Deploy the App to your own cloud account. No markup. No hidden costs. You pay exact amount directly to your hosting provider, hence cheaper than most Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings.

Gives Complete Control

Have any number of developers, designers or testers (even client representatives) and you are free to download your app (including the source code) any time and as many times as you want.

Saves Precious Time

Don’t waste your time building code from ground up (why start with <html> </html>) or on setting up infrastructure. Sign up and get ready to build your App.

Less Skills Needed

Good looking UI out-of-the-box works wonders even if you are not graphically savvy.  Meet the high expectations of modern day Apps.

Go Live Quickly

Don’t miss business opportunities during a long software development period. Learn from the field by getting App ready quickly. Release rapidly, try fast and learn quickly.

No Stress

No hardware, software, procurement, setup or compatibility hassles. No devops skills needed to get your App going.

WaveMaker Enterprise (WME)

The software platform designed for Enterprise App Development

When your Apps depend on data behind the firewall and need to meet increasing user expectations as well as fast changing business needs, you need an in-house (on-prem) software platform like WaveMaker Enterprise. Team development, security standards, API readiness and continuous integration are a must for acceptability of such a platform. Read more on why WaveMaker Enterprise is rightly designed for your company?


Free30 days
  • Full feature, On-Prem Trial Software
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Premium Support
  • Team Capabilities
  • 1-Click Deploy to On-Prem
    or Private/Public Cloud


$10,000 /yrFor 5 Developers
  • On-Prem Software
  • Developers
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Premium Support
  • Team Capabilities
  • 1-Click Deploy to On-Prem
    or Private/Public Cloud


Contact usEnterprise Agreement
  • On-Prem Software
  • Unlimited Developers
  • Unlimited App
  • Premium Support
  • Team Capabilities
  • 1-Click Deploy to On-Prem or
    or Private/Public Cloud

More Options


Need help understanding WaveMaker Enterprise? Leave us a note and we will schedule a personalized demo for your enterprise.

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5 Good Elements that make your Enterprise Apps Ready and Compliant

Rapid Delivery

Widely felt shortage of front-end developers and far too many skills that make up modern day UI hinder quicker app delivery. Designers are not coders and vice versa. This makes RAD for front-end a great option.

App Stack Choice

Vendor neutrality is most desirable, but putting together the popular elements of a modern application stack with varied licensing terms is complex. Enterprises need Apps to run on certified stack that does not have viral open source characteristics. Proliferation of App stack means lock-in of precious IT resources for the entire lifetime of the App.


Apps built with enterprise-grade security against several vulnerabilities and attacks (OWASP). Team development and centralized source code repository are essential for enterprises as no App development happens by one single person.

Mobile Support

Native Apps built for specific mobile device is an expensive choice both in terms of staffing and skill retention (pressure created by high churn of technologies).  Particularly, hard for enterprises that use a BYOD policy. Hybrid Apps developed using web standards (HTML5, CSS and JS) might be the best answer, but an in-house platform that packages such apps for native build is needed.

API Enablement

Architecture and scalability are important considerations for any application in the enterprise. The recent years have seen a preference for loose coupling (Service Oriented Architecture or SOA) of software artifacts, with REST APIs becoming popular. Design for scale of one (much easier) and letting the platform handle scaling is another important trend.


What services do you provide?

We provide full spectrum of services for customer organizations of all sizes and governmental institutions. We understand, the needs are varied and as a customer, you have the choice of products and services to select from, if we are not serving you right.

The primary service that most often meets the development needs of SMB is the Developer Cloud service, the hassle-free development of responsive web and mobile-optimized (hybrid) app development online. With email support and automatic updates included, the Developer Cloud RAD tools(WaveMakerOnline – often referred to as WMO) is fast and easy to adopt, with no DevOps or IT assistance necessary.

Large companies (typically, 500+ employees) who are looking for an internal platform instead of the public cloud option may choose WaveMaker Enterprise software option. We facilitate their process of evaluation (POC development) through Free, no-obligation, Enterprise support.

Apart from this, WaveMaker provides Technical Support, Training and Professional Services through its own world-wide team. Training, App development and Hosting services are also available from our partners.

How can I benefit from WaveMaker?

While it depends on what your expectations are, here are some general benefits of WaveMaker.

  • Good looking UI, out of the box – Build new generation front-end Apps effortlessly. Software developers are seldom gifted with great UI capabilities and ‘consumerization of IT’ has left with high expectations of even smaller Apps.
  • Handle front-end skills shortage – Good UI is a complex composition of numerous skills (HTML, CSS, JS, Graphics, device/browser variations, UX learning, UI trends, Ajax, JSON etc.) and it is difficult to staff each project with mastery in each. Setting up fully loaded teams takes time, effort and money.
  • Enhance speed of Innovation through Rapid delivery – Pressures on new App readiness and change management is high. Business wants Apps ready in increasingly faster cycles, due to competitive pressures. Waterfall model, Big-fat RFP model are giving way to automation, quicker turn around and fail fast approaches.
  • Eliminate time wastage through code generation  – No one has time to waste, building code from scratch (start from…). Significant performance barrier of generated code is now absent, due to commodity hardware and cheaper Infrastructure (Cloud model), making RAD a reality.
  • Spend wisely on software projects – Legacy is constantly getting created and only innovation can save companies. Investing in innovation enablers that harness the power of ideas from everyone in the company, has huge pay back. 

WaveMaker. The future of Apps, beyond code.

We are a large company, is WaveMaker right for us?

WaveMaker has a long history of serving Enterprise customers with its dedicated, world-wide team of over 100 stars. The parent company of WaveMaker, Inc. has over 1000 employees, with a 18-year history of serving global enterprises (including hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 5000 companies) with middleware & infrastructure products and many offshore and subsidiaries (US, UK, India, Singapore).

We don’t let our short comings hinder our service to customers and their opportunities, through individual self commitment to customer success and relentless passion to excel. Here are a few ways we do that:

Commitment to world-class

Our Innovation drive is to build the best-of-breed, world-class software that customers find them valuable in their push to excel. The fast pace of innovation might leave gaps in our products, but we attempt to bring you the best, through the product engineering process that ensures continuous integrations (nightly builds with sanity check), independent quality assurance and release management teams.

Multi-tier release process

The picture below explains how releases are graduated through communities of App developers.

Backward compatibility and platform stability

Controlled release customers, get to chose their transition to newer releases (set of supported and available ones). WaveMaker attempts to maintain backward compatibility of Apps among releases.

Which browsers, devices, middleware and databases are supported?

Our policy is to support most of the recent and popular browsers, emerging device platforms and widely used databases. The choice of a particular browser to support, is based on factors such as ability to support the technologies used by WaveMaker (HTML 5, JS and CSS3) and important elements of what goes into a WaveMaker App (Bootstrap, AngularJS, Spring, Hibernate). Click here for a detailed list of supported technologies

Do you provide technical support?

Yes. Find out more by visiting our support page. We also provide extensive hand holding for customers doing proof-of-concept (POC) projects with our Enterprise Software.

Do you provide App development services?

Available from WaveMaker (professional services) and partners (Solution Partners provide RAD Service) for assistance in bringing your App to life. Visit development services  page to learn more.

Do you provide App hosting service?

While WMO is a continuous integration developer platform, we leave the choice of hosting provider to our customers, while providing single-click deploy to high demand cloud and hosting providers, such as Amazon AWS.

Any Other Key Question?

While we have covered frequently asked questions here, please post specific questions that still may be left unanswered.

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Looking for Community Edition?

WaveMaker Community Edition (WM CE) is a single developer product, community supported and carries project compatibility with other editions of the WaveMaker RAD platform, including WMO and WME. 

Studio Desktop 7.7 Release

August 4, 2015 | Installation instructions | Release notes | Size: 114 MB

Studio Desktop 7.7 Installer is compatible with the following operating systems – Windows, Mac (Intel) and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS).