WaveMaker releases v10.5 with powerful capabilities
for professional development teams

Enables faster delivery with CDN deployments, seamless integration with
Swagger Import & Open API, support for Micro Frontends, and more.

Deliver faster apps, with
deployment to CDN

WaveMaker V10.5 supports the deployment of frontend artifacts onto a Content Delivery Network, which can help in reducing the download time of static resources by ~30%. It enables fast, reliable & secure delivery of static (HTML, JavaScript, Stylesheets, Images, etc.) content to end-users.

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Design beautiful apps, effortlessly

Theme builder

Introducing our latest no-code tool for app developers to create common CSS styles – colors, fonts, button styles, icons, spacing, etc. — that can be applied across all apps developed in the enterprise.

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Widget templates

Swiftly choose alternative UI representations with Widget templates. Designed to improve developer experience and save time, this key feature enables users to quickly choose alternative UI representations for Cards, List, and Wizard Widgets.

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Complex forms, made simpler

Add complex validations on form fields using the validations JavaScript API. Write validations that test for conditions based on values entered in any form field. Test for a condition by invoking an API that integrates with business rules for form validation.

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New in WaveMaker Enterprise

angular low code

Hello, Octocat

Now, push application code to private GitHub repositories in addition to the existing support for plugging in Git-based version control systems such as GitLab, BitBucket.

Low code platform angular

Artifact repository

Enable code reuse and sharing of prefabs, project shells and themes across multiple development teams within your enterprise

angular low code platform

Insights with Prometheus

Easy and comprehensive monitoring with Prometheus and EFK integration (logs) integration. Get timely alerts on issues that plague development productivity.

Redhat Support

WaveMaker Enterprise (WME) now supports Red Hat. Install WME on an on-premise/private, or public cloud of your choice.

Improved product documentation

Explore the all new WaveMaker Learn portal with indexed documentation that is easier to use and search. WaveMaker documentation is now open source and is available on GitHub.

low code
low code angular

Sync code with any IDE

Seamlessly push and pull code changes between WaveMaker and any IDE without having to manually export and import them with the new studio workspace sync plugin. Now, the backend team can continue to work in Eclipse using WaveMaker sync plugin.

Low code kubernetes

Deploy to Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean

One-click deployment of WaveMaker applications to Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean with plan to support more cloud providers like AWS EKS, GCP and Azure in future.

angular swagger

Import REST APIs via Swagger, Open API

Build applications that connect to enterprise systems such as Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics CRM, Stripe by importing REST APIs with Swagger, OpenAPI support.

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