WaveMaker 10

Build powerful UI with Angular 7
Sync code with your favourite IDEs
Publish to enterprise artifact repository

Take application development efforts to a whole new level with the new WaveMaker 10. It let’s you accelerate to a modern stack, boost developer productivity and improve app performance out-of-the-box. Secure, stable and no lock-in as always.


Looks modern, works modern too


Accelerate without control loss

Modern stack

Truly modern, not just mobile first.

Cutting edge client-side with Angular 7

Front end code generated is now based on the new Angular 7 framework. This means faster load times and better performance. An up-to-date app runtime ensures that you can work on these apps using emerging talent pool. Additionally, Angular community ensures on-the-go extensibility and full support for your applications.

Scale at will with Kubernetes®

With the new 1-click deployment, you can now natively pack your apps as containers and seamlessly deploy them to a running Kubernetes cluster.

Improved developer productivity

Augment the way you naturally develop. Standardize on WaveMaker across global teams.

Control your code

We understand as a professional developer you want to build apps fast, but that doesn’t mean you will compromise on code control. Enhanced IDE support ensures that what you build with WaveMaker is ‘debug-edit-extend’ ready with your choice of IDE.

Synchronize without exporting

With the new studio workspace sync plugin, you can seamlessly push and pull code changes between WaveMaker and any IDE without having to manually export and import them – A finer save of development time but substantial gains in productivity.

Develop globally

With the new language support for development workspace, WaveMaker can now be localized. This allows global development teams to standardise on a single application platform.

Better collaboration with artifact repository

Reuse, don’t repeat.

Standardise on a collection of prefabs, project shells, templates and themes. Let your developers create, test and publish to artifact repository for enterprise wide access by other development and business teams alike.

Fine-grained security

You can now configure and implement role based access at both platform and project levels. Additionally both the platform and the applications built using it now support OpenID® authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO). Developed apps are by default secure from OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities.

Greater accessibility

Support for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, now makes WaveMaker built applications more accessible to people with diverse abilities.

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