Webinar: What’s New in Studio 7 & Introducing WaveMaker Enterprise

WaveMaker is proud to announce several new additions to the WaveMaker platform, making it faster and easier for you to build and deploy custom enterprise apps.

Join us to find out what’s new and see a live demo of the exciting feature additions to WaveMaker Studio 7. You’ll learn how you can leverage our powerful Docker-based aPaaS software to build high-quality apps and run them in a secure, private cloud environment as our expert panelists give you an end-to-end view of WaveMaker’s capabilities.

  • Introducing WaveMaker Enterprise – A private aPaaS software platform for building and running custom enterprise apps
  • Demo of Studio 7 – What’s New in Studio 7
  • Demo of EDN & WaveMaker Cloud – Enterprise Developer Network & Docker aPaaS overview
  • A Look Ahead – Roadmap for WaveMaker Enterprise
  • Success Services – Available Support, Training and Professional Services
  • Getting started today – WaveMakerOnline.com
  • Q&A

Samir Ghosh

Karthick Vishwanathan
Product Manager

Sudeep Kumar
Marketing Manager

Questions and Feedback

Why is WaveMaker using Docker? How is Docker a superior technology compared to traditional VMs?
Docker provides a lightweight, high-performance and cost-effective solution to manage app dependencies and cut costs. WaveMaker fully integrates with Docker – be it when a user logs in or when an app is deployed – everything happens in a container. Traditional VMs are heavy and are usually expensive solutions.

I am an existing beta user and with WaveMaker Online coming, what will happen to my apps?
We will provide a smooth migration for all your projects. All you Studio projects will be migrated as a part of the process where you upgrade to WaveMaker Online. Your deployed apps will be available till October 31st. In the mean time, you will have to redeploy your apps in WaveMaker Online again and get it live again.

What are the different options to purchase WaveMaker Enterprise? For instance, if we want to deploy an app on a private cloud of 10 clients (on their own private intranet), does it mean we need 10 containers or just 1 container?

You can purchase WaveMaker Enterprise license for $10,000 prepaid annually. It offers unlimited apps, unlimited users and hosting for 25 nodes*. You can also purchase an unlimited license for $100,000 prepaid annually. The unlimited license offers unlimited apps, users and nodes*. Both options include license for all software and support. Note: Additional Hosting and Management fees may apply for public cloud hosting.
*A node is a container, which can run one app. Depending on the organizations’ needs, there may be multiple nodes to manage an app. For instance, an organization’s release management processes may require three containers – development, test and production – to manage one app.
WaveMaker containerization model mandates one container per app for better app and release management. In your case (second part of the question), there would be 10 container for 10 apps deployed.

So far, it looks like your team has brought this formerly wonderful tool back from the dead, or more precisely, updated from circa 2006.
Thanks. We have some solid short term and long-term plans for WaveMaker and would love to see the product in all its glory.

What are the features of the Enterprise version that will not be available in the desktop version?
Typical enterprise features such as version control, Enterprise Developer Network with team development, an integrated cloud platform with app lifecycle management and others will be additional features in the Enterprise version. Also, desktop version does not offer a multi-user development environment.

More Q & A

When will the Studio 7 desktop version be available for download? Will it continue to be open source?
WaveMaker Studio 7 desktop version is planned for release by November, 2014. Studio 7 desktop, like previous versions, will continue to be free and open source.

Are applications developed in Studio 6.7 compatible with Studio 7? Data grid management seems different in version 7 (not Dojo based).
Applications using version 6.7 are not compatible with Studio 7. Studio 7 uses AngularJS while Studio 6.7 uses Dojo. We are in the process of easing the migration process and will soon update everyone regarding that.

Will the Studio 7 desktop version run on all platforms – Windows, Linux and OSX?
WaveMaker Studio 7 can be run on the same platforms supported by Studio 6.7 such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Will Studio 7 desktop support cloud deployment?
WaveMaker Studio Desktop will not have a 1-click deployment to WaveMaker Cloud platform. You need to download the project war file and deploy it into an environment of your choice.

What if we need to deploy on another server because cloud is not an option?
Yes, you can deploy to another server. There is an option to download the project WAR (Web Application Archive) file, which can be deployed to any other server of your choice.

Is there any changes in the database services apart from Hibernate ORM framework? Any integration with In Memory databases?
We have built a user-friendly Data Model Designer and DB Tools to ease working with data. There are no changes in the database services. Regarding in-memory databases, there is currently no support for that.

Will WaveMaker still support databases other than MySQL such as PostgreSQL?
Yes. WaveMaker supports MySQL, PostgresSQL and a host of other databases.

Love it when database guys get the tools and integration right.
Thanks for that. Look out for more solid DB integrations in the future.

I see that WaveMaker provides integrated version control with Github along with SVN and Bitbucket. But what if we have our own Git repository?
WaveMaker does support access to your own Git repository.

WaveMaker can connect to LDAP for authentication and authorization. How about integration with OpenAM and OAuth?
Yes. There are plans to integrate OpenAM, OAuth and a host of authentication mechanisms in the near future.

The presentation is very interesting, thank you for sharing. Can the new version of WaveMaker Studio be embedded into Eclipse?
Thanks for the compliments. WaveMaker Studio 7 as of now is a stand alone PaaS entity and cannot be embedded into Eclipse.

Can I have the sample app (InvoiceWave) sent to my e-mail for learning purposes?
Unfortunately we will not be able to send the “InvoiceWave” sample to you. But very soon we will be integrating a couple of sample apps into Studio at WaveMakerOnline.

Is WaveMaker Studio 7 HIPAA compliant?
WaveMaker Studio 7 is a software to create applications. Using Studio 7, you can create applications that are HIPAA compliant. However, Studio 7 does not provide an out-of-the-box support for HIPAA.

What are the plans for having a certification process? Also, will it be possible to have local trainings and partnerships with companies in Europe?
We are in the process of creating a certification process and will have more updates in the coming months. Regarding training and partnerships in Europe, in fact, we have recently concluded an on-site training in the UK. If you are exploring a specific opportunity please drop an email to info@wavemaker.com

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