Modern Rapid Application Development – Too Good to be true?

The age-old problem chasing Enterprise IT custom application software development is the inability to deliver applications on time and at the speed at which business demands. Add to the mix the increasing demands on IT due to consumerization and mobility. Is the modern Rapid Application Development the answer to the problems that plague today’s Enterprise IT? Or is it too good to be true?

Hear from Mayur Shah and Venugopal Jidigam as they make the case for modern RAD and evaluate its potential for enterprises to cope with rapidly evolving business demands.


  • Application Development & Delivery Challenges faced by Enterprises today
  • Trends in Enterprise Application Development
  • RAD vs. Modern RAD
  • Design Principles and goals of Modern RAD 
  • Need of the hour: APIs, Usability and Mobile
  • Demo: Live Application Development using WaveMaker Studio 8
  • Q&A

Recording and Presentation


Mayur Shah
Senior Product Manager

Venugopal Jidigam
Director of Engineering

Questions and Feedback

Can we use customized components for Angular JS as application requirements are unique?

The code generated by WaveMaker on the server side and the client’s business logic side can be customized and later integrated to widgets etc using Javascript. WaveMaker allows you to create Prefabs that let you export Javascript libraries and Angular JS components and can be shared.

How can we link REST service response to UI components? Can we create custom widgets?

In the demo, we displayed how to link a widget to a database source. You have the ability to link a database source, REST API, custom Java code to a widget using the Data Binding option.
The out of the box widgets are limited. However, we plan to make our widget framework extensible and add more widgets in the future releases.

What application server was used for the Demo and how was the Business logic layer handled on WaveMaker?

The WaveMaker platform comes with Tomcat application server inbuilt. WaveMaker applications are J2EE standards based, thus allowing you to deploy to any application server of your choice like Tomcat,IBM Websphere, JBOss etc.
WaveMaker generates the business logic layer code which generates the ORM layer as shown in the demo. You also have the ability to create your own code on the server side and integrate it to the WaveMaker platform.

How do I secure an application that was created using WaveMaker?

WaveMaker allows you Access level Control to APIs and widgets so that you can define permissions and roles for users accessing the application.

Can you provide more details on WaveMaker pricing? Is SaaS the only option?

WaveMaker has three product offerings.

  • WaveMaker Online is a SaaS offering on Amazon cloud which is an app based pricing model that can be developed on the cloud. It is avaiable on an annual and monthly subscription.
  • WaveMaker Enterprise is an on premise setup of the platform designed for small and large enterprises which gives you the ability to integrate with your legacy infrastructure and your confidential data. WaveMaker Enterprise has a developer based pricing model.
  • WaveMaker Community Edition is a local desktop version for single user / developers with limited features.

For detailed pricing information Click here.

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