Practical Strategies to Innovate Faster and Meet Business Goals

How to deliver business apps in weeks and not months

Join us as we explore the constant challenges that IT leaders are facing to deliver highly-functional and beautiful apps to keep up with the digital demands of customers, partners, and employees. We will also explain how you can employ practical strategies to deliver applications at the pace of the digital era.


  • Challenges facing IT leaders
  • How has low-code / RAD evolved to solve today’s Application Delivery challenges
  • Understand apps that are best suited for RAD delivery
  • Understand how RAD practice looks like in your organization
  • Demo of how to build a business app using WaveMaker
  • Q&A


VP, Business Development


Recording and presentation
Questions and Feedback

Does WaveMaker produce applications that meet requirements of 508 ADA compliance for internet facing applications ?
WaveMaker is built to cater to a wide array of industries in the market and if the requirements of 508 ADA compliance are known, it can be built into the application. WaveMaker as a product is not 508 ADA compliant.

What version of WaveMaker was used in the demo?
The version used in the demo is version 8.3 of WaveMaker online.

Are there integration options with oracle SQL?
WaveMaker  can connect to a database and the better part of  WaveMaker is having the ability to connect to your oracle / SQL databases and bind them to widgets with ease.

Can I implement caching and does it provide scalability?
WaveMaker applications are stateless which allows you to have a load balancer  to scale applications. WaveMaker uses SPRING and HIBERNATE which allows caching options.


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