Enterprise app dev platform to keep your “Developers, Architects & CIO” happy.


Modern Business demands high agility and rapid delivery of applications. With that said,modern apps are expected to be good looking, integrate-able, highly functional and responsive in nature while adhering to enterprise grade standards. Does your organization have similar needs? If so, time to rethink on modern rapid app platforms that can serve you better.


  • Modern enterprise app development needs
  • How WaveMaker helps developers, IT architects and CIOs
  • Live demo of WaveMaker features for enterprise app development
  • Live demo of IT asset tracker
  • Q & A
Recording and Presentation



Sr Product Manager

Questions and feedback

We are an Enterprise company , which WaveMaker offering is the right one for us?
WaveMaker’s pricing model is developer based.  Being an enterprise, we have various options starting from a 5 developer license. The good thing about the license is that you can build unlimited number of apps that can be consumed by any number of users.

What kind of apps can I develop using WaveMaker?
WaveMaker would fall under the comfort zone of data driven applications requiring UI sophistication , enterprise portals like in the areas of finance and insurance, legacy migration applications which use lotus notes , oracle forms, power builder etc to support modern usability and to use on modern devices and also applications that need to integrate to various APIs and other cloud services.

What sort of applications cannot be built using WaveMaker ?
While we can build a whole variety of applications, gaming applications is something that cannot be built using WaveMaker.

Security is essential to my applications? We use a custom security system to authenticate users, can WaveMaker integrate to it?
Every enterprise has a customized way of securing their services, we have kept this in mind while you build apps using the platform. We support LDAP, active directory, single sign on which are standard. We also have a mechanism to customize security using plugins with SPRING to secure your applications.

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