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WaveMaker vs. PowerApps

In today’s fast-paced business environment, choosing the right low-code platform is crucial. The evaluation process can be noisy and overwhelming, but it’s crucial to cut through the noise. Consider these 12 critical capabilities to choose the right low code platform for your enterprise needs.

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Primary use case
User persona

Code generation


Pricing model
App extensibility
App deployment

Cloud native applications

UI responsiveness
Business process support

Platform administration

Developer environment


Modernization and new app development

Modern application development teams/fusion teams

100% open standards-based code generated for full application

No lock-in, runtime libraries are open source
Number of developers., unlimited apps, unlimited app users
Code generated is fully extensible using WaveMaker or 3rd party IDE
Multi-clouds and/or on-prem data centers
Responsive by default
Via integration with the BPM tool of choice
1 installer/ configuration setup
No setup required for developers
Process automation and new app development
Citizen developers and business process teams
Mix of .Net code generation and metadata derived from model
Tied to MS environment
Number of end users
Extensibility of App mainly enabled by model and process designer
PowerApps cloud


Responsive on customization


1 installer, including config setup for new apps
Browser setup and desktop setup required


Enterprises worldwide trust WaveMaker to build, modernize, and scale mission-critical, pixel-perfect applications.

WaveMaker is a development system designed for professional developers to deliver exceptional business outcomes.

No Lock-in
Code Control
Transparent Pricing
No Runtime Dependency
Hyper Customization

Customer Speak

  • Best value for money in comparison with all the low-code solutions. We chose WaveMaker because it offers the advantage of combining low-code development with custom development, providing us with the best of both worlds.
    Freek Weijtens

    IT Director

  • The WaveMaker team responded very quickly to our requests. Project execution was smooth and we are very pleased with the results.

    Franklin Prince

    ICT Manager

  • Best value for money in comparison with all the low-code solutions. We chose WaveMaker because it offers the advantage of combining low-code development with custom development, providing us with the best of both worlds.
    Pak Rudi Wicaksono

    ICT Assistant Manager

WaveMaker saves

Read our customers’ stories to find out how they achieved these numbers.



WaveMaker approaches software development using Low Code differently. WaveMaker focuses heavily on lowering the TCO, Hyper Customization, Zero vendor lock-in and complete code control. WaveMaker is the only platform that empowers professional developers to deliver mission-critical software to deliver exceptional business outcomes.
Choosing the ideal low code platform is a major challenge for enterprises. Balancing short-term and long-term gains during the evaluation process is crucial. Some platforms may be cheap initially, but would lead to disastrous long-term results. The best low code platform has zero vendor lock-in, provides complete control, and offers freedom to deploy on any infrastructure.
Low Code is a game-changing category that offers various platforms to accelerate your business. Even though these platforms may look similar, they differ fundamentally in their approach and operation. Therefore, it is crucial to consider both short-term and long-term implications while comparing these platforms. Our expert product evangelists have been in the business for over two decades and have identified 12 critical capabilities that should be considered for their comparison.
Low-code platforms offer a solution for the delays that often come with traditional development for professional developers. An open, standards-based, and secure low-code platform stands as a superior alternative to traditional methods, enabling the creation of apps with comparable or even better quality in about half the time. It's important to view low-code as more than just a quick fix; a strategic, long-term approach using the right low-code platform can help developers and IT teams incorporate the best practices of traditional methodologies, resulting in modern experiences created in significantly less time.

In essence, an open low-code platform that produces reliable and secure code is preferred by both professional developers and enterprises.

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The low-code composable 
experience platform
The low-code composable 
experience platform
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