WaveMaker Update
Jul 23

WaveMaker Update

We have been working hard to close many backlog issues in Jira. We have created a 6.6.0 M3 branch in GitHub.  WaveMaker 6.6.0 M3, the third milestone of the 6.6.0 release will be out by next week. The WaveMaker 6.6.0 GA release will include integration with the CloudJee Platform.

The WaveMaker Development team will soon reach out active members in the community for identifying gaps in order to make a better product.  We’d greatly appreciate your responses to upcoming surveys to help us understand the kind of features you would like to see in subsequent releases.

Stay Tuned!

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    July 23, 2013 at 11:56 am ·

    cool hope more news :)

  2. Orpheus
    July 23, 2013 at 7:52 pm ·

    Hi I have been using wavemaker for 3 years during the reign of Chris K. and The BOYS. I must say that, I find the service and correspondence of PRAMATI TO BE SHOCKING ,to say the least. I hope that their abilities as designers and software producers is far better than their skills and abilities of public correspondence.

    Please remember that the users of wavemaker are used to clear and defined planning of dates for releases and updates. We also have our projects to plan.

    Pramati……please get on track

  3. Samir Ghosh
    July 23, 2013 at 10:25 pm ·

    I’d like to also acknowledge issues and update everyone on efforts that are on-going:

    * SPAM: We recognize there is a spam problem. It appears to be greater than can be efficiently managed manually. We’re investigating technology enhancements to manage spam on the forum.

    * ROADMAP: The good news is that are numerous directions in which we can continue to evolve WaveMaker – e.g., JS library/framework, studio UI, hosting options, developer collab, etc. Our first priority was to pick up the existing release, which was in an interim state. Without getting WaveMaker developers, obviously, there’s a lag as we get up to speed. We’re now about to make significant releases as stated above. As stated above, we welcome suggestions from the community for roadmap priorities.

    * COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Our model may not be exactly what you’re used to. There are pros/cons of having one “community manager”. You will possibly see multiple people from CloudJee WaveMaker supporting the community. Vevek is a new addition to this team. Please welcome him and help him get up to speed. Also, we expect that the open source community members support each other, and our role is to assist with escalated items requiring our help.


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