November 17, 2014

WaveMaker: Rationale behind the product

Today, enterprises are facing tremendous challenges in the market that can only be addressed through business strategy innovation. Given that every new strategy needs to be powered by software, the time has come to analyze how their software applications are built and explore if newer technologies or methodologies can make that better.

The intent of this series of postings is to talk about how software-powered enterprise innovation can be put to work. This thinking shapes the WaveMaker product and I would welcome views and suggestions from everyone connected with the topic.

Here is the rough outline for the series.

#1. IT Challenges for the Modern Enterprise

#2. Designing the sandbox for Enterprise Innovation

#3. Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) reality

#4. Can Private Cloud speed up application delivery?

#5. Designing for an unlimited supply of commodity hardware

#6. Integration Enable Everything

#7. Collaborating on API design

#8. API-First design. Can we parallelize development?

#9. Fixing the broken component sharing

#10. Designing the software component supply chain

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Jay Pullur