WaveMaker Announces a Single-User Open-Source Desktop Version of Its Enterprise Platform, Giving Professional Developers and Business People Easy Access to Rapid App Development

Expanded Security Functionality Lets Developers Focus on Developing Great Apps, With Assurance of Protection Against Network Breaches
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA-(Marketwired – Jul 14, 2016) – WaveMaker, Inc., a leading enterprise Rapid Application Development Platform software company, today announced two major enhancements to its enterprise-class Rapid Application Development platform. Built with a strong foundation in app security, the WaveMaker platform now supports Single Sign-on for WaveMaker-built and deployed applications using Central Authentication Server (CAS), which permits users to access multiple applications by providing credentials such as UserID and password only once. WaveMaker also announced today that it meets the standards addressing the top ten list of web application vulnerabilities published by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Enterprises are increasingly challenged by the need to deliver new web applications rapidly while ensuring compliance with enterprise IT security teams. In response, WaveMaker built application security natively into the initial release of its RAD platform, and subsequently strengthened its security with enterprise-class, RAD-based app security. And now, WaveMaker's announcement of CAS-based Single Sign-on furthers the company's commitment to provide the highest level of application security while simplifying application access for users.

For its part in pinpointing major network vulnerabilities, OWASP has become a critical, yet often overlooked, asset to application developers. The OWASP Top 10 represents a broad consensus of the most critical web application security flaws — gaps in security that are often easy for malicious actors to detect and exploit. By certifying compliance with the OWASP Top 10 list, WaveMaker assures developers that the applications they create with WaveMaker will comply with the directives of OWASP.

“In the heat of the battle to expedite new apps to market, ‘rapid' has become the mantra of many developers, both professional and non-professional,” said Didier Tournier, Product Marketing Manager, Gemalto. “But developers can't afford the risk of sacrificing security for speed. From the beginning, WaveMaker's RAD platform has encompassed security, not as a bolt-on, but as part of an integrated whole. We're confident that our developers using WaveMaker can focus on creating great apps, and won't have to obsess over the latest security risks.”

Unlike other vendors of RAD platforms, WaveMaker's focus on security extends beyond the application and to the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow multiple applications to link and interoperate. WaveMaker is the only RAD platform that allows developers to build native microservices-based applications, and today's release introduces token-based authentication for APIs, allowing API keys to be generated rapidly for consumption by other applications.

“Security was once an afterthought in application design, but those days are long past,” said Vijay Pullur, CEO of WaveMaker. “Still, vestiges of those days remain, as the primary objective of application design, in the eyes of most developers, is to ensure that the application performs continuously and under heavy demand. But app security cannot be exempted from that objective. That's why WaveMaker believes that security must be a cornerstone of good application design, and a major component in ensuring software quality before an app goes live.”

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