Insurers need to embrace technology for a
customer-centric business model that is
ready for the digital future
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Challenge #1
Customer Expectations
The widespread adoption of new consumer technologies in all industries has created new needs for and expectations of insurance solution and interaction channels.

of customers switch Insurance Providers
because of bad user experience

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Challenge #2
Pace of Innovation
The insurance industry is increasingly a technology-mediated one, and technologies like AI, big data and blockchain are driving this change faster than ever.

of insurers are planning to pursue digital initiatives
with new digital partners over the next 2 years

Source: Accenture

of Insurance companies believe that some part
of their business is at risk of disruption

Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Challenge #3
Technology barriers to entry have been lowered with easy access to scaled cloud computing. InsurTech players are taking advantage of the opportunity to fill the gaps that incumbents have not.

of insurers are investing more in embedded
artificial intelligence solutions

Source: Accenture

Challenge #4
Digital Trust
New technologies raise potent new digital risk issues, making trust critical to sharing and using the data that underpins insurers’ operations. Leading carriers are grappling with issues that go beyond establishing perimeter security.

5 ways for insurers to stay relevant in the digital era

“Sun-set” the past

Business-as-usual is not the business of the future. Enterprises must prioritize the actions that will make material progress toward transformation.  It means de-prioritizing investments in non-digital initiatives, old skills, processes, and technologies. 

Embrace the new

Organizations that take advantage of new technologies like AI, Blockchain and others will succeed with the work ahead. Some of the actions include increasing spending on digital initiatives, hiring greater numbers of people with future-ready skills and leveraging the new tools.

Rejuvenate the core

Revitalizing core technology and business processes that run the insurance business is an urgent yet non-trivial undertaking. But without this constant refresh cycle, it is only too easy to fall further and further behind the competitive pace of the industry.

Make it personal

Treating everyone as an individual and not simply as part of a demographic is perhaps the most customer-centric action that is required. Personalizing services, personalizing premiums, will be a great leap forward in the historical development of the insurance industry.

Democratize innovation

To plant the seeds of the future, large enterprises need to have an open mind to innovations and a process for examining and testing them to ensure that when they are ready to make a genuine contribution to the business, the business is ready to adopt and use them.

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Rapid Application Delivery

  • Get from idea to app in days, not months
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  • Visual Development: 67% faster than traditional application development
  • Automatic Code Generation: 80% lesser code required
  • One-click Test and Deploy: 75% lower maintenance costs

Legacy Application Modernization

  • Migrate from MS Access, Oracle Forms, Lotus Notes and other proprietary platforms
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of proprietary platforms using phased migration
  • Flatten the learning curve for reskilling legacy app developers
  • Unlock the data and insights from legacy apps

Innovation sandbox

  • Accelerate digital transformation and fuel innovation
  • Reshape customer experiences, operations, and business models
  • Set up Bimodal IT that caters to traditional and modern app delivery
  • Bridge business-IT gap and deliver apps at the speed of business
  • Democratize application delivery by enabling citizen developers

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Michael D. LeachVP - Operations, Tim Parkman, Inc


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