Out-of-the-box security built in from day one, with fine-grained controls

Robust Authentication

Support for wide array of security providers for comprehensive authentication

Granular Authorization

Hierarchial, role-based access control at every level – easier done than said!

Certified Rock Solid

OWASP Top 10 compliance for total peace of mind

“In the heat of the battle to expedite new apps to market, ‘rapid’ has become the mantra of many developers, both professional and non-professional. But developers can’t afford the risk of sacrificing security for speed. From the beginning, WaveMaker’s RAD platform had encompassed security, not as a bolt-on, but as part of an integrated whole. We’re confident that our developer using WaveMaker can focus on creating great apps, and won’t have to obsess over the latest security risks.”
Didier TournierProduct Marketing Manager, Gemalto

Security Architecture

SSL Encryption

Code Quality



Automatic Login Screen

Performance Monitoring

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