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API-driven development in digital innovation

APIs can increase agility by de-coupling and exposing business processes easily. In this whitepaper, we provide a snapshot of the nuances in API-driven development, API management, and how low-code platforms help you create a comprehensive API strategy.

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How ISVs can build and customize solutions faster using low-code

WaveMaker combines the power of visual development with extending codWaveMaker application architecture leverages micro-services with session-less architecture, enabling ISVs to develop large-scale, customizable, cloud-ready applications

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What’s next for java developers

Why do Java developers need to be nurtured to become digital-ready through upskilling.? How can Java development teams can gear up for full stack development and be prepared for change using WaveMaker? Read More.

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Java developers

The survival, revival & arrival of java developers

How does a Java developer use low-code to develop apps faster? This e-book explores the adoption of a Java ecosystem and low-code across the entire app development lifecycle and full stack development.

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The everlasting age of “write once, run anywhere”

Find out how Java is shaping the present and future technology, how it has evolved, the applications of Java and why it is popular, and how it forms the backbone of modern applications and is used to meet the modern enterprise demands.

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