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Webinar: What’s New in Studio 7 & Introducing WaveMaker Enterprise

WaveMaker is proud to announce several new additions to the WaveMaker platform, making it faster and easier for you to build and deploy custom enterprise apps.

Join us to find out what’s new and see a live demo of the exciting feature additions to WaveMaker Studio 7. You’ll learn how you can leverage our powerful Docker-based aPaaS software to build high-quality apps and run them in a secure, private cloud environment as our expert panelists give you an end-to-end view of WaveMaker’s capabilities.


  • Introducing WaveMaker Enterprise – A private aPaaS software platform for building and running custom enterprise apps
  • Demo of Studio 7 – What’s New in Studio 7
  • Demo of EDN & WaveMaker Cloud – Enterprise Developer Network & Docker aPaaS overview
  • A Look Ahead – Roadmap for WaveMaker Enterprise
  • Success Services – Available Support, Training and Professional Services
  • Getting started today – WaveMakerOnline.com
  • Q&A



Samir Ghosh

Karthick Vishwanathan
Product Manager

Karthick Vishwanathan
Product Manager

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