Enterprise Digital Transformation
using APIs and Apps


Across the board we are seeing Enterprises embracing Digital technologies and methodologies to capture new growth, create new business models and fuel innovation.

The key for Enterprises to be successful in Digital Transformation is to be able to create digital assets that allows it to connect its Systems, Processes and Business with its customers, partners and stakeholders.

Is your organization ready for Digital Transformation? Are you looking for Platforms and Tools that can help you in this Journey? If so, learn how WaveMaker Rapid Application and API development Platform can help Enterprises quickly create Apps and APIs.


  • Introduction
  • What are Digital Assets?
  • Enterprise Digital Transformation
  • WaveMaker Rapid Application Delivery Platform
  • Live Demo that shows Creating Enterprise Digital App within minutes
  • Q&A


Mayur Shah

Senior Product Manager

Venugopal Jidigam

Director of Engineering